Fitting room stories....

  1. I had an interesting day yesterday while shopping and a few events happened and it all had to do WITH THE FITTING ROOM.

    I will call this one stalking. :tup:

    I was shopping yesterday and I found this lovely dress that I wanted so I went to try it on. Once I was finished trying t on, I opened up the door to leave and there was a little girl about 7 y/o standing there. Once she saw me she was like " MOMMIE MOMMIE! SHE'S HERE! SHE'S HERE!!!"

    ( wtf?) lol

    Her mom then runs over and asks me if I the dress worked out for me. At the same time I was caught off guard but I told her no it didn't and handed over the dress to her and went on my way.

    Thank goodness it looked funny on me bc how would I had said no to her?

    What would you have done if you really wanted it?

    Another story while I was shopping yesterday: I was at another store yesterday , also in the fitting room....I was doing my thing when I realized there was a little kid looking at me from underneath. lol. :nuts:

    I felt a lil un easy. The kid was just about 12 months old. I tried to ignore him while in my undies but the baby kept on insisting on poking his head from underneath to watch me.

    The mother didn't even try to pick him up. All she did was .. " no no no"

    I then just put on my clothes really quick, grabbed all my stuff and got another room. :push:

    And also.....not only did these events happened yesterday...but the fitting room clerk even misplaced 3 of my items! The limit was just 8 but I had 11. So I left back 3 items and came out for it when I was ready.

    She lost it not even 5 minutes later.


    Interesting day!!!!!!

    Feel free to share any of your fitting room events !
  2. haha, naughty baby. ;)

    My story:

    When a friend of mine and I were in Cannes she tried on an outfit @ mango ( I think) and when she mirrored herself to see how it fitted two men who apparantly didn't think we understood french looked at each other and her saying "tres bizarre..." shaking their heads slightly. They stood right by us and it's wasen't really well concealed at all. Needless to say, she didn't get that outfit.
  3. I was shopping with my sister and the fitting room had locks on the doors, so I left the room to look in the large 3 way mirror outside the door and I couldn't get back in. I had to get the SA to open the door. My sister laughted and said you had to hang a item on the door so it didn't lock.
    The worst are those community fitting rooms where it seems like everyone is checking you out to see what you are buying.
  4. OMG too funny!

    I've had the kid looking under the door up at me thing too...aaaaaaaaaaa!

    When I worked retail in college I hated cleaning out the fitting rooms. The worst was a huge pile of clothes that someone had literally PEED ALL OVER. It was so beyond gross it still creeps me out almost 20 years later!!!

    I have to chuckle to myself when I hear someone say wow, this size 2 is too big, does it come in a zero? Those days are LOOOONG gone for me, baby. I was a size zero in 5th grade, lol!!
  5. i run a little boutique in nyc...and god... the stories i could tell!

    the store is SO tiny and there are only 3 little fitting rooms, but the things i've found in there...

    i usually find normal stuff... ie: sunglasses, earrings, change... but most recently/ bizarre... chunks of hair extensions and underwear/bras (how do you "forget" to put your underwear back on?)
  6. i hate those fitting rooms that are just one big room.
    i work in retail and i hate working the fitting rooms. people come out in some really bad outfits that totaly dont fit and turn to me and say "doesnt it look great?" i try to be diplomatic.
    when i worked on lingerie it was scary being on the fitting room duty. some people are not ashamed of anyhting. like women who insist on trying on panties! its just wrong.
    i once got asked to do a bra fitting and the woman turned out to be a man.
  7. whoa and eew!!! why wuld anyone take off their underwear though?!?! LOL
  8. I negotiated my compensation package while in my bra and undies at Nordstrom in a fitting room. I thought the call was going to come later, but there it was and I had to think fast.
  9. :push::roflmfao:
  10. MY 3 friends work in high end stores in lingerie departments and they say the worst is when the husband or boyfriend goes in to the fitting room too.....
    Who knows what they are doing in there?????
    I rather buy my lingerie online, which arrives new and in packages.....I can't even think about numerous people trying on underwear. Also it seems to be quite common for a lot of women not to wear panties and then they try on new ones.....gross.
  11. i worked in a big department store, luckily not in the lingerie of their finds was a used condom (!). they did find something worst than that but won't go into details...way too gross.:throwup: i don't know what happens to people sometimes but some do behave worst than animals!!!
  12. I was with a friend at The Limited. She had gained a little weight at the time. I waited outside of her fitting room, and she called out "oh no, I'm no longer a 0, I need a 2." There was a SA standing nearby, who just rolled her eyes and walked away. :p
  13. Well this doesn't have to do with a fitting room but one of your stories reminded me of this.. awkward event that happened about 2 years ago.

    I was in the bathroom at Barnes & Noble and I was in the "big" stall. I hear this lady walk in and she has two toddlers with her. For some weird reason, all the stall doors were locked - I guess some person did it for laughs or something. So the mother tells the boy to climb underneath the door of my stall (:shocked:!) and unlock it. All through out this ordeal, I'm being quiet because the fact is.. I don't really like to talk to people when I'm sitting on the toilet in a public bathroom lol. The little boy climbs underneath and just.. looks at me.. and I look back at him haha.. I am still sitting on the toilet.. and then he climbs back out and goes "Mommy, there's a girl in there."

    Ohhhh.. that was an embarassing day lmao.
  14. I had a friend like this too, who was freaking out going from a 2 to 4. Hey, I struggle just to keep it in single digits!! :graucho: It was always very interesting shopping with least we never had to argue over who got the last of something in a clearance rack!
  15. I have one:

    I was in Abrecrombie & Fitch the one day, and their dressing rooms have locks, and I was done trying stuff on so I walked out of the dressing room and the dressing room door shut and then I kept wondering where my purse was and I realized I left it in the dressing room, so i tried to get back into the dressing room I had been in, but once the door shuts it like locks, and I didn't feel like going all the way back up to the counter and asking the cashiers if I could have a dressing room and explaining I left my purse in it, so I just made sure no one was looking and crawled right under the dressing room door to get back inside and get my purse and then I got my purse and walked out. (I am so stupid sometimes!!! I should always remember to take my purse with me when I leave the dressing room!!!)