Fitting City IN Work

  1. Ok this is weird question. But I'm very tempted to buy a work so that I have something to use a briefcase and a larger carry on bag when I travel. I also have 2 cities already so I want to diversify so to speak.

    Would you be able to put an empty city in the work if you were using the work as your carry on? You can't take 2 bags with you anymore and I would want to have my city around when I arrive at my destination.
  2. i'm pretty sure you could, they pack up really flat! just don't overfill the work when you travel. i'd still be more inclined to get a weekender for travel though.
  3. Yup, the City fits in the Work very nicely.
  4. I second annanas, I'd go for the Weekender, it definitely is a fantastic size for a carry-on
  5. yes you can roll up the City and put it in a Work! i just tried that last night! :p the Work is actually not v much bigger than City so you might wanna consider WE as suggested by annanas and amiekbs8 :yes:
  6. yeah I'd love to get the weekender eventually. But the work looks like it can be a dual purpose bag for both work (duh!) and travel. I'm excited about it now! I am 5'2 though with a small build. So it is going to be interesting to see it on me. I always wear heels though.

    Thanks for the input girls. Decision made:yes:
  7. i have a slightly related question:

    you cant have 2 BAGS anymore, or 2 handbags in addition to your carry on?

    i want to travel this winter with my weekender as a "purse" and another duffle as my carry on!

    more related: i'd go with the work. I find bbags very fold-able, you should be able to fit a city in there and then some. Here's an example of a bbag to go:

    IMG_0051 resize.jpg

  8. it's a uk thing. one carry-on only allowed. they're very strict about enforcing it too, it's for "safety reasons". i don't exactly see how that works when all it leads to is squishing the same amount of stuff into a smaller space so they can't see it when they x-ray it :rolleyes: , or just taking a bigger bag. :cursing:
  9. Go for the weekender.
  10. A First fits inside the Work perfectly without stuffing and squishing!
  11. Maybe some comparison pics between the city, work and weekender would be helpful? Does anyone know of a pic already posted of all three?