Fitst B Bag/ Day--what color???

  1. I would love to buy my first B Bag. I want a day bag. I have been lurking the forums for a few weeks just drooling over all the stunning bags......
    But for me the day is what I need. I love the other styles but just fell in love with the day.
    Problem is I am at loss to what color? My favorite color is pink. I do not want a tan, black or white bag. I already have 2 olive bags and 2 eggplant bags. I am drawn to bright vivid colors.
    What colors just pop???? I also love the blue--but still feel pink is it. So now I need to ask what pinks are out for 08? Where is the best place to buy (over the phone) or online. I have no stores here that carry them. Also what is the best hardware to get with certain colors????
    Thanks for all your help.:yahoo:
  2. Bubblegum 08 is a gorgeous PINK. Here's a good place to view the colour. I saw one listed on evilbay a few days back. is a good place to check but IIRC they don't have BG in the Day. I am sure the others around here would be able to point you somewhere they have this since this is a current colour, Pre-Spring 2008.
  3. I think that BG pink with GSH would be a lovely combo. As for ordering over the phone, it seems that a lot of people have done well with Nordstrom.
  4. you are lucky b/c this season there are pinks available... more than 1 pink even :p

    pale magenta and magenta are still available at some places too :yes: i know they have them at NM, International Mall Tampa. i perseonally prefer pale magenta over BG (I've seen both IRL).
  5. BG pink has nicer leather than magenta '08, so if buying unseen I'd get BG pink.
  6. I agree. Magenta this year is very dry and the dye is very distressed and uneven- not my cup of tea. I prefer BGpink.
  7. ^aww i didnt know that :sad: i didnt actually feel either since i wasnt interested in a pink bag... that's a shame.
  8. I love the color of pale magenta but I'd have to see/feel the leather before buying. Bubblegum seems to be a safe bet on the leather quality, and of course the color is yummy.
  9. I actually prefer magenta to bubblegum. Bubblegum is truly that---the same color as a big square of bubble gum.

    The magenta has a bit more depth. I feel you could wear that well into fall.

    But... alas the but. Even the magenta Day I tried on at Nordstrom had really distressed almost bumpy leather. There was definitely the potential it would break in really fast and perhaps a good conditioning would help but it's not as nice as other leather out there.

    I would consider a magenta but only if you can check out the leather first.
  10. I vote for BG. It's gorgeous!!
  11. The BG would be a great choice, but I would definitely consider the pale magenta as well! I was very much on the fence about that color, but after getting my pale magenta twiggy I am so completely :love: with it!! As far as the leather goes, mine is somewhat dry but also fairly thick and the veins are very subtle and not white at all. I would actually describe the leather as being more distressed than anything, which I like.