Fitness Vacations

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  1. Since vacations are a time where people generally gain a lot of weight in a small amount of time I feel that we should discuss alternatives to calorie-binging vacations.

    When I was younger I daydreamed of being sent away to a fitness camp for the summer. Not a sport-specific camp but a general fitness one. I've never had a weight problem so I could not do a "fat camp" but I wanted something more like a fitness competitor camp.

    I admit, I like watching the Biggest Loser and sometimes I wish I could just escape to a world where Jillian Michaels would exercise me so hard I'd never pick up a snickers again.

    [Enter fitness vacations]

    Have any of you been to any of these places?
  2. Fitness Vacations Options

    • Green Valley Spa and ResortHealth Spa vacation retreat in Utah includes Hiking, Rock Climbing, and Fitness Classes.
    • Mountain Trek A Natural Spa Vacation.
    • Bella Beach Boot CampFitness Vacation and Boot Camp in Ocean Sands Resort and Spa in Fort Lauderdale (Pompano Beach),FL as well as small resorts in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
    • Birdwing Spa - Minnesota - USA
    • A variety of classes including: Focus on Flexibility, Stability Ball, Core Conditioning, Travel Workout, Cardio Blast, Trek & Train, BOSU, BODYPUMP, and Cardio Circuit Weights.
    • Cal-a-Vie Health Spa - California - USA
    • Variety of daily classes: Kickboxing, Circuit & Core Training, Hiking, Pilates, NIA, Spinning, Step Aerobics, Tai Chi, Walks, Waterworks, Yoga.
    • Canyon Ranch in Lenox - Massachusetts - USA
    • 40 fitness classes daily, personal training and many guided or independent outdoor activities. All fitness levels and interests.
    • Canyon Ranch in Tucson - Arizona - USA
    • 40 fitness classes daily and many guided or independent outdoor activities. All fitness levels and interests.
    • Chiva-Som - Prachuab Khirikhan - Thailand
    • Mind & Body Work, Aerobics & Strength Classes. Flexibility & Muscle Tone Programs. Emphasis is on mind and body work.
    • Coastal Trek Health & Fitness Resort - British Columbia - Canada
    • 7 day hiking and fitness program. Increases physical conditioning and promotes weight loss.
    • Copperhood Inn & Spa - New York - USA
    • Daily hikes and power walks, fencing 3x/week; Capouera 1x/week; tai chi, yoga, pilates 1-2x/day; dance 1x/week.
    • Deerfield Spa - Pennsylvania - USA
    • 12-14 classes/day including: Boxercise, Bootcamp, Pilates Flexaball Resistance, Cybex, Short Court tennis, multi lelvel hikes, Sport Court games
    • Echo Valley Ranch & Spa - British Columbia - Canada
    • Outdoor adventure activities offered daily; Ruesri dat ton (Thai stretch class)offered daily, suitable for all age groups and abilities.
    • Fitness Ridge - Utah - USA
    • Program is centered on fitness with flexibility, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise. Hiking, aqua, Pilates, yoga, dance.
    • Golden Door - California - USA
    • Variety of classes at all levels offered daily. Receive a personalized program for your week, and an At Home program to incorporate into daily life.
    • Green Mountain at Fox Run - Vermont - USA
    • Guests have positive fitness experiences in group setting with exercise physiologists. All fitness levels. Several times per day.
    • The Heartland Spa - Illinois - USA
    • An impressive selection of fun fitness activities, including aerobic and strengthening classes, as well as relaxation classes offered daily.
    • The Hills Health Ranch - British Columbia - Canada
    • Full daily schedule of fitness classes including, aerobics, ball exercise, pilates, and classic cardio plus guided outdoor activities.
    • Hosteria Las Quintas - Morelos - Mexico
    • 10 classes offered daily, cardio-gym with treadmills, stairmaster, eliptic trainers, stationary bicycles, free weights and Universal equipment.
    • Sonki Fitness - Hawaii Fitness Vacation Fitness Vacation in Hawaii.
    • The Kerr House - Ohio - USA
    • Rebounder aerobics & yoga offered daily.
    • Lake Austin Spa Resort - Texas - USA
    • A variety of classes including: Focus on Flexibility, Stability Ball, Core Conditioning, Travel Workout, Cardio Blast, Trek & Train, BOSU, BODYPUMP, and Cardio Circuit Weights.
    • The Oaks at Ojai - California - USA
    • 16 sessions daily - from hiking to yoga, aquatics to dance!
    • Rancho la Puerta - Baja California - Mexico
    • A staff of instructors teach 50 fitness classes daily: hikes, walks, dance, aerobics, tennis, volleyball, yoga, Pilates, stretching and more.
    • Red Mountain Spa - Utah - USA
    • 30 classes daily for all levels: Chi Ball, Cardio, Pilates, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Ah Chi, Stretch Programs, Treading, Spinning, Living Drums
    • Spa Eastman - Quebec - Canada
    • 7 group fitness classes per day, everyday. Stretching, Butts and Abs, resistance training, Fusion,pilates on swiss ball, Aerobic Tai chi.
    • Tennessee Fitness Spa - Tennessee - USA
    • Classes offered daily--aerobics, weight training, aquacise, walking, stretch, toning; yoga--2x/week; pilates--3x/week (beginning, intermediate).
  3. i've been to 2 of the Canyon Ranch spas several times over...LOVE it there...
    Arizona and Lenox, MA...just can do as much or as little as u wish...
    they offer tons of both indoor/outdoor sports & fitness activities...
    i went to one of the specialty weeks in Arizona "journey thru midlife" geared just for women facing menopause! that was a bit intense - lectures by docs till late at nite... too medical for me... food is amazing - they give u calorie/fat content & u can have half portions just to taste different things...i highly recommend CR for your vacation! now they have several newer locations as well...
  4. My bf is into fitness but as of late we have not done outdoor sports/exercise together. When I suggest running on the beach a la Matthew McConaughey my bf looks at me like I'm crazy bc I don't really exercise while I'm not on vacation (time constraints).

    Joansie, did you see couples at CR? Or think it may be good for couples?
  5. I would love to be able to afford something like this. I think it's what I need to jump start a healthier lifestyle.
  6. I agree. I think it would be especially motivating to be around other people who are also on vacation looking to get or stay in shape too.
  7. it's been a dream of mine to go to a fitness getaway vacation. i always say next summer i'll book one, then something else comes along....
  8. LittleMsPerfect
    yes, couples for sure ~ its a most unique and wonderful experience...
    anyone but children - thou i read one of Canyon Ranch's newer locations even has kids accommodations...i've gone as a couple/alone and w my grown daughter...
    its a jump start for a healthy, new lifestyle if thats whey you're looking for...very motivating ~ they encourage you to "take the ranch home"...CR is a very upscale resort ~ i've seen many celebrities there but everyone is low key & wearing exercise clothing...
    even dining is very casual...and they give u a canvas bag & u never even use a handbag
    the entire time you're there LOL!
  9. I haven't been to one of the ones you mentioned, but I am going to a sports-specific camp next summer and am really excited about it!
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    I've been to the Red Mountain Spa in Utah and really enjoyed it. They have hikes every morning through the beautiful Utah countryside. Lots of classes in yoga, pilates, etc. Indoor and outdoor pools. The food is fantastic. There were quite a few couples, but most people were women leaving the hubby and kids behind to take a break for a few days. Several people I met there said they prefer the Golden Door, but Golden Door is much more expensive, like two or three times the cost. I found Red Mountain is be a good deal and they have lots of specials. It is a quick 2 hours from Vegas and they have shuttles several times during the day to Green River, Utah from Vegas. I would love to go to Canyon Ranch or Golden Door someday too.
  11. We've been to Canyon Ranch, Tucson, twice. The first time we were in the Life Enhancement Center program, second time, the regular spa. We love that place and would go more often if we could afford it.

    Cutting edge medical , health and fitness advice and staff. Superb food--so tasty you don't realize how healthy everything is (I'm a junk food junkie).

    It's a great combo of hard work, self-examination, and pampering if you wish.
  12. Hi boxermom!
    ITA w everything u said about CR...
    and yes, it can be very pricey just like the handbags we love!
  13. i would go to a fitness vacation in a heartbeat!!!

    i'd love to go to canyon ranch in lenox. someday! :smile:
  14. Hi joansie!! Isn't it lovely? The staff really seems to care about the guests learning a healthier way to live. They call it the vacation you take home with you.