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  1. Where do you all feel you get the most bang for your buck?

    I am needing a push in my life right now - I WANT to get back in shape and start eating healthy, but I don't know why I'm being such a slug about it. I feel like I need accountability. Tried WW (it's worked well for me before) but now I'm just not keeping up with it.

    Background on me is I used to competitively do ballet - so I KNOW how to eat right and work out, on my own. I'm just lacking motivation.
    That said - where is the best places to put a budget for fitness? With a personal trainer, or with a nutritionist? Or one first, then the other, or etc?
    OR - has anyone used any online nutritionists with success? I see so many on Instagram, but am hesitant without knowing someone that's personally done it...
  2. I'd say first figure out what your goals are and research people in the industry who's strategies are in line with it. Read their posts, research their plans, and determine from whom you want training and advice. Personally, I like reading Girls Gone Strong and Precision Nutrition and they both offer coaching, but I stick with their articles.

    On a personal note, I was a gymnast and dancer for years. I don't tend to pay anyone as there's a plethora of information out there and I listen to my body. I stopped working out for a long period of time. I'd long said I did enough when I was young.

    My catalyst for change was weight gain that stemmed from a desk job, lack of portion control, and not being 22 anymore. I joined a gym, started running, and do yoga periodically. I do something 3-4 times a week, getting into the routine, but do the activity I feel like doing that day.

    I've found that I revert to motivation methodologies I did when I was young. Goal settings, documenting progress, etc. For running, signing up for races helps a lot. What motivated you when you were younger?
  3. You know where I get the most bang for my buck? A fabulous work out outfit! It makes me want to go workout! As others have written, there's so much information and support online and apps/tools to support weight loss and exercise so I wouldn't spend my money on that. But a cool top and shorts?! You betcha!
  4. For me it's quality food such as, lots of organic produce (especially the 'dirty dozen'), grass fed beef, free range and organic chicken and eggs, nitrate free pork, quality oils (unrefined/virgin/expeller pressed coconut oil and avocado oils), healthy fats (grass fed butter, organic ghee, raw nuts and seeds), raw/organic/local honey & bee pollen, fermented foods. If you don't like/have the time to cook, I would add healthy 'convenience foods' such as free range and organic hard boiled eggs, pre-washed organic greens, prepped veggies. No packaged/manufactured food ;)

    Secondary would be targeted supplements/vitamins (not multi-vitamins, which can actually be counter productive to health).

    For me, exercise is the easiest component to do for free, so I don't spend any $ there. I do volunteer at barre studio, so I get free classes...but if I didn't, I would just do free videos.
    I did invest (very sparingly) in some at home equipment years ago. Simple hand weights, weighted ball and most recently a door jam chin up bar, which I actually use at waist level for an at home barre). I think in all less than $50-$60.
  5. I started with a nutritionist first (a local one) and then once I got the portioning of my food down, got back into running which I love to do. I used to be in track and field in high school so I know that running is something that can be a part of my life and it's almost free save for the cost of running shoes and apparel. I think they key as far as exercise goes is, find something you will actually enjoy doing and you can stick with for the long haul. It doesn't have to cost a gym membership either.

  6. Same for me.

    I jointed orange theory fitness in November and what's kept me going consistently is treating myself to cute sports bras, pants and new sneakers. It gets me excited. And my biggest hurdle is actually getting to the gym. Once I'm there it's fine.
  7. The saying "abs are made in the kitchen" is no joke. Without spending any extra money, if you make better food choices you'll see the quickest results.
  8. I was in a similar spot a few months ago.

    I find once you get over the hurdle of finally working out, you become much more mindful of what you eat. I'll sub out fries for a side salad now, reminding myself that I worked out earlier in the day and it would be a shame to waste that workout on a bunch of fries. I also work out before dinner, which makes my appetite for gross food wane. There's something about eating unhealthy food after working out that is wholly unappealing.

    I've recommended ClassPass in another thread. The variety of classes has gotten me excited to work out. In NYC they even have ballet classes :smile:. If you want to get super ripped I recommend barre classes - I have a friend who lost 50 lbs and looks insanely good now.
  9. I find this to be completely true for me as well. Bad foods or a cocktail are so much more unappealing if I've worked out earlier during the day.
  10. I eat well, I still enjoy a treat every now and then...
    I have a very cheap gym membership that I use 6 days a week..
    I only purchase gym clothes on sale at H&M as I wear & wash them everyday, it seems a waste to spend money on fancy outfits...
    I go to the gym to sweat and look like ****, no fancy outfit is going to approve my appearance hahaha

    The goal to health is lifestyle...
    Find a work-out you love and do it as much as possible.. Eat well but don't deny yourself treats...
    It's all about habit and routine, first few weeks or even months can be hard but really stick to the work out routine... You'll soon be so used to it that it becomes automatic!!
    I started going 2/3x a week... Worked my way up to 6 days a week... My daily visit is such a habit now that I hardly even think about it... It's not a chore or something I loath to do, quite the opposite in fact... I've become addicted... I love going to the gym!!!
  11. We're all different regarding level of motivation to get and stay fit. I know I won't exercise regularly unless I pay for regular sessions with a personal trainer. I envy those who will do it on their own.

    Figure out what you need most and will you do it yourself or do you need more structure. Good luck.
  12. For me, it was a wearable fitness tracker. My mom got me one for Christmas 2014 and I've worn it everyday since. I feel bad on days I miss my mark, especially if I don't feel I "deserved" a super rest day. Fitness tracker wearers are almost cult-like and other people don't get that need to hit that daily mark. I've done jumping jacks, run up and down stairs in my house, danced in place, etc., all to get over that hump I set for myself.

    I agree with others that you have to find something that you like to do. My dad is an old school personal trainer and he's constantly telling me that I should do this instead of that, even though I have marked results from what I do. If I did it his way I'd be miserable or bored with my workouts. Finding an activity that you thoroughly enjoy is definitely important.
  13. Isn't it expensive (water bill, electric bill, etc) to wash clothes everyday? Plus the accelerated wear on the washer or are you washing by hand?

  14. I've never really thought about it... I don't only wash my gym gear.... I wait till I have a full wash load... Towels, tea towels, my regular wash, the household wash ect...
    We're a household of 5 so there's always a daily wash I can add my gym-gear too...
  15. There are some ways to keep fitness with a budget-
    Buy meat from local farmers
    Eat more non-meat proteins
    Buy frozen fruit and veggies
    Explore gym membership alternatives
    Shop the farmers market
    Grow a garden
    Be smart with storage
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