Fit/Sizing of your Cartier Watch?

  1. This was buried in another post so I am asking the question by itself.

    How tight do you wear your watch? I have a new(to me) Cartier Tank Francaise and, with all the links in the bracelet, I still feel like it is too snug. I can "feel" it pressing into my wrist, and then my wrist starts to ache, and I have to take off my watch. With the clasp fastened, I can just slide my fingertip under there. How does yours fit?

    If you have extra links (stainless, small ladies size, measures 14 mm across), would you sell one to me? Please???:crybaby:

    I have sent an email to Cartier but they have not replied to me yet.
  2. Personally like mine tight, definitly no room for even a hair, let alone a fingertip, LOL!! I don't have the same watch you have, if I did I'd def initly sell you some links!!

    I'd think you could purchase more links though, either through Cartier, or through a merchant who sells it, like Neimans.
  3. We have the opposite problem. I had ever single last link taken out of mine and it still didn't really sit where I want it to. I'm sure you can purchase some extra links from Cartier (or heck, they should really just give them to you).
  4. Maybe it's not the size, it's the weight of the watch. My previous watch, an Omega, was very light and sleek.
    Do you think Cartiers are heavy?
  5. ^^^
    I think it's just as heavy as any quality watch will be... If it's leaving marks in your skin, maybe you do need to add another link. It's pretty miserable if a watch is uncomfortable.

    Are you used to wearing watches? Do you think that maybe you're just not accustomed to it?
  6. I do wear a watch every day, I think this one must be hitting me in the wrong place or something...I am wearing it now and my wrist is throbbing. I have just sent Another email to Cartier asking how I can obtain another link. They certainly do not respond quickly to customer service issues!

    And I'm still hoping that a fellow TPF'er might have an extra to sell to me.

    Otherwise, I will be in NYC in April and can check into it then. This is such a (literal) pain!
  7. bagshopr, I totally feel your pain, but we're not allowed to sell on Purse Forum unless it's through MP... I'm sure a mod can clear that issue up with you.

    Is it the little turn-knob that's hurting you. That thing pokes me sometimes, too.

    Sorry to hear about your wrist. No watch should make it throb... yikes. Are you sure nothing is wrong with your actual wrist itself? Hope you're alright!