Fit question

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  1. If you were buying a pair of sandals and comfort was not an issue at all because both were equally comfortable, would you pick the pair that was slightly too small or slightly too big?

    Personally, I hate it when I see women in shoes that are too small. But in these particular shoes, I could really go either way.
  2. I think i'd go slightly big. You could always put a heel backer or something in it. Slightly small sounds like eventually it might hurt.
  3. Try them again after a day of walking.
    I would always prefer a smidge big to accommodate foot expansion. Sometimes well fitted shoes become too small after the feet swell abit.
  4. Are they open toe?
    Whilst any toe overhang is always unacceptable, I often go down half a size in open toe sandals because I can't stand the look of too much inner sole between the tips of my toes and the end of the shoes. . . this looks messy and unstylish to me.
    So I would take the half size smaller :smile: