Fit for Rock & Republic Jeans

  1. I just ordered a pair of R&R jeans and they're going to be my first!
    Is the quality of the jean any good and do they last for a long time?

    I also have a question about fit. I just ordered a size 27, but I'm not sure if that's the right size. I live nowhere near a retailer that sells this kind of stuff, so I would like your opinion. I wear size 27 for Levis, Gap size 2, H&M divided size 6 pants. Do you think they'll fit, or will they be too big or small?

    Also, what price is considered a good deal for these jeans? I know they retail for around $200 or so??


    Oh.. here are the jeans... what do you ladies think??;jsessionid=30FMYJBMIVR24CQAAKJBABQ?itemId=prod39570026&parentId=cat13790826&masterId=cat12160748&index=26&cmCat=cat000000cat980731cat6000734cat12160748cat13790826
  2. To be honest, R&R Jeans are notorious for having bad quality. Many people have had issues with them ripping, buttons/rivets falling off, thinning, etc. I have a bunch of pairs, and so far I haven't had any problems with mine yet. But since I do have so many pairs, I don't wear mine to death at all. Even though they are known to have quality issues, I keep buying more because they are so pretty!!!! I love them! :smile:

    Since you're buying them from a retail store, be sure to keep your receipt. R&R will replace yours should anything ever happen to them.

    In my experience, Rock & Republic sizing depends mostly on wash. The pair in the link above is Stroke Gunmetal wash, I think... which I believe runs 1 size large. When I wore GAP Jeans in Size 2 (waaay back in the day hahahaa), I was a Size 26/27, so the pair you ordered is probably going to be about 1 - 1.5 sizes too big for you. This pair of R&R has a metallic screen logo on it--it's painted on and feels a little rubbery.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Really, I thought most designer denim had really excellent quality, but I guess some are more overrated than others!! Thanks for the help though! It was very helpful!

    I need to decide whether or not I should keep it or cancel my order by today so if anyone else have any other opinions, that would be great! If I do decide to cancel it, would anyone be interested in getting them from me? I can let you know when I cancel it so you can grab it if you like!
  4. Ok, I just cancelled it - it's available again if someone want to buy a pair for only $88!!

    I think it's going to be too big for me because I've asked around and 27 equates to a 4, which is going to be too big!
  5. that's an awesome deal for that pair, esp. knowing that you can get them replaced should anything ever happen to them (since that store is an authorized retailer)! i still love R&R just because they are so pretty :smile:
  6. r&r definitely has horrible quality but i love the look. sizing really depends to washes/fabric blends though.