Fit Flops

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  1. I have seen those sandals that were suposed to tone the legs by having the heel hang off the back, but I've never seen these. They probably don't do anything. Those hanging heel sandals sure don't.
  2. sounds like another gimmic.
  3. Just ordered a pair of fit flops...hear they are all the rage in the UK. Well, the NY Times style section had a blurb about them today and I just ordered mine. Anyone have them? Love them? Hate them? I use MBT's almost daily so I hope these are at least half as good because MBT's are great.
  4. What are they? Ooo, google is wonderful. I think I will buy a pair lol
  5. They are fitness flip flops that are, I hope, similar to the MBT technology...check out bath and bodyworks website. They are also selling like hotcakes on ebay.
  6. £36?? And I thought Havaianas were pricey.......

    Be intrigued to know if they do the job though
  7. ^^ :yes:
  8. So excited to get mine! Will let you know how they are.
  9. okay, i am intrigued and definitely want a pair. but where can i buy them in the US? bath & body works has sold out...anyone know?
  10. I saw some on idea what other stores carry them.
  11. has them for pre-order. Im on the list!!!! Due to ship 7-13. Not soon enough for these legs!
  12. I saw TONS at the Bath and Body Works at the Ballston Commons Mall in Arlington, VA. Not sure if they ship, but if any of you are looking to get a pair, I'd be willing to pick them up and mail to you. We can do a paypal thingy.
  13. If I could afford them, i'd want a pair.