Fishy Stuff at Neiman Marcus?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    OK...I just wanted to see if anyone else noticed this--

    For the second time, I found a pair of shoes on that was significantly and I mean significantly marked up from everywhere else. The first time was a pair of boots that was $715 on NM and about $660 everywhere else. Yesterday, I noticed some sandals that were $495 everywhere else and $650!!!! on NM. I did a live chat asking if they would price match and they said, "no." Then I asked why their prices were so much higher and they said they didn't have that information.

    Those are big they really need to get even that much more money from their customers?:evil:
  2. I know what you're talking about. When I was shopping for a pair of Frye boots last year, the retail price of it everywhere else was $280, but had the exact same shoe for $320. And tax/shipping adds up quickly as well. I ended up buying it through w/no tax and free shipping. I was pretty disgusted when I saw that.
  3. i noticed the same thing on a burberry jacket from a few seasons past........saks had it for like $25 less than neiman marcus from what i recall......i really didn't understand the markup
  4. I've noticed this as well. I think they've decided that there should be a premium for the privilege of shopping in the rarified air of Neiman Marcus!
  5. Same here. I saw a pair of Dior shoes from Eluxury for $280 (onsale last year) and i checked NM, it was $300 something. NM's price is always higher than most places.
  6. Yes. Its so lame. But if you need it, you need it. That's capitalism.
  7. OK - One for the little guy (girl)! I don't know if it's a coincidence, or what...but, I just went onto again this morning, and they lowered the price to $475! Can you believe it? I wonder what happened?
  8. My experience was even more disappointing...I saw a Luella bag online at a certain price...when I called the local Neiman Marcus it had a different price. I said, "why is that"? The SA could not answer. (I should add the online price was higher) So, the story goes...the local store did not have the item and she could get it from halfway across the U.S. and send it to me free of charge. Too funny. If I purchased online the charge for shipping was outrageous. That whole thing was strange...two different prices and higher online??
  9. Shopper girl, they obviously know they have the price point way too high and the consumer isn't buying.
  10. I question why Gerard Darel bags are more expensive at Bergdorf Goodman (A NM subsidiary) than other places.

    I guess they have to make up their rewards prizes somewhere. :evil:
  11. It almost sounds like they are taking advantage of those folks who don't have a NM in their area, and have to use the website. :evil:
  12. and NM, the mortar and brick store, are two completely separate corporate entities... I think that causes the price difference. The .com may have more "pressure" to sell or to make a particular profit margin. To be honest, they don't seem to be very familiar with the products that they offer online.
  13. That's good to know (price diff between other dept. stores).

    No wonder they're also known as "Needless Markup."
  14. Actually...I have had the same problem at Saks ......a mark-up on their Prada shirts and handbags..I was peeved...They wouldnt even match the lower price and ADMITTED they were higher!!
  15. Ah that's why my hubby refers to NM as "Needless Markups".