Fishy, fishay... the stinky Flo problem.

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  1. I don't know if I mentioned this or not but I have read complaints on here about their Florentine bags smelling fishy. Is this only with QVC bags? My Stanwich satchel smelled awful when I first opened the box. My nose is ultra-sensitive to any kind of stink so I was able to pinpoint exactly where it was coming from- the suede lining on the inner flap of the bag. What I did was air it out for a few days. I merely left it on my kitchen table every night with the bag open. Nothing else. My theory is that since the bags are stored zipped shut inside a plastic bag there's no room for the chemicals to escape so it festers in the bags. I'm very relieved that my bag is no longer fishy! :P
  2. While I've never experienced this with my florentine bag, I did want to mention something. I've worked in many footwear stores, and often the shoes we get would have a strange fishy smell. I was told it was the pesticides sprayed on the items for their trip overseas. Depending on the brand, some were mild, but some were just overwhelming when you open the shoe boxes.
  3. Ew! I just thought it was the tanning chemicals.
  4. It's not just the QVC bags. My red Stanwich satchel is pretty fishy. I got it at the outlet store. I think all of my Stanwich satchels are a little fishy. It doesn't bother me too much, but I do notice it. Maybe I'll try airing them out a bit. Thanks.