Fishy Email..

  1. I just got this email from "eBay" regarding a Coach bag I was bidding on and lost last night.

    It was not sent to my eBay account mail, just my personal email.

    This is something weird, right?

    Here's what it says...

    Hi,I am the seller of the eBay item :130187351936,and I've just been contacted by the eBay staff who informed me that the winner of this item got rejected due to security reasons (either failed to follow through on the purchase commitment or outright refused to do so). Your last auctioned bid prior to being outbided is taken into consideration as eBay policy automatically proclaims you to be the winner by default.Nevertheless,I need your agreement on this so I may contact eBay to confirm your winning position otherwise I'll relist the item. If you're interested please confirm by forwarding this message to e-mail and include your name,address and ebay ID. Thanks!

    I've never got anything like this and would appreciate the help :smile:

  2. I would not respond and forward to It definitely sounds suspicious. I have never heard of someone else being automatically proclaimed the winner.
  3. Immediate red flag when it goes to your personal e-mail, and not your eBay inbox. Forward it NOW to the spoof e-mail address and delete!!!

  4. Thanks, I will do that! It definitely sounded weird to me too. I've received a second chance offer before and it was through Ebay so this was strange, plus they need me to confirm my address and id? weird!
  5. Given the fact that there are typos and grammar issues in the email received, it's definitely a scam. Report it right away.
  6. Yeah, report it.
    I got a "second chance offer" from the "seller" of this LV bag I lost awhile ago. It said to email them at their work email and I could paypal them the money. So instead of replying to it, I emailed the seller and asked if they had sent a second chance offer and of course, they hadn't.
    So I forwarded that fake email to ebay and blocked their email address.
  7. I would report it as well. I have gotten a legit second chance offer before and it came through ebay not the seller. I was also allowed to decline it, I was not forced to take the second chance offer. If it was legit the seller should also have your user id.
  8. How are these scammers able to get the bidder's personal email address? Do they find the bidders from the auction? Scary!
  9. ^If you click on a username, you can contact the bidders and the email will go to their ebay inbox and their regular email.
    That's why ebay has been doing different things with hiding buyer's's good in that way but now it's nearly impossible to tell who is a shill bidder and who isn't.
  10. This email just reeks of a scam to me, do not reply.
  11. Yes it is a scam. Genuine second chance offers ALWAYS come through eBay. If you are not sure, just send an email to the seller to clarify.

    Make sure you send it to
  12. It's a scam.
    I've received a "second chance" offer (which I took and the transaction was flawless) from ebay before and it was nothing like this. I remember that it was a form letter, sent by ebay through ebay site. The seller did not personally write me the email.

    I'm glad you trusted your instincts.
  13. I wonder how that happened though? Doesn't eBay now block most of the letters in usernames to prevent this kind of stuff from happening?
  14. ^^ The usernames are only disguised if the auction goes over $200. I think the ending price in this auction didn't reach that so you can still see the names.