Fishnets. Do you like/wear them?

  1. I saw a receptionist in a hotel recently wearing fishnets.

    Ever worn them for work?
  2. Yes, I wear fishnets on occasion on the weekends; If I had a job, I would never wear them to work.
  3. I love fishnets, but since they're pretty edgy and punky you gotta kinda limit yourself to wearing them on occasion and what you wear it with makes a big difference too. As well as the style of them, there's bigger nets, smaller ones, different materials. I used to work at an accessory department in a department store so I was around various types :cutesy:
  4. I love them! I only wear them when I go out at night.
  5. Nope because I think they would look tarty on a 16 year old - plus its waaaaaaaaay too cold to have partially bare legs!!!
  6. Yeah, definitely, but as Naomi mentionned they re pretty edgy, so I wear them with low key/conservative clothes. And black, small net is safer.
    I keep the colored ones to go out, and beige is not nice on legs.
  7. ^^ I love nude colored fishnets, small ones though.
  8. Yes, I do wear them. I have so many pairs! Those and various black tights are staples.
  9. I would never wear them to work b/c I think it looks unprofessional.
    I would wear it after work and weekends.
  10. I wear them to work all the time. I work for a major corp and each time I wear them, I get compliments from the major heads. When they became extremely popular Banana Republic advertises them very professionally:nice pencil skirt, white tailor shirt, fitted blazer,mary janes. It was fierce. Heck even to church. I wear them so low key that people second glance them and rethink them.
  11. I wear them to work with a 3/4 black length skirt or dress. Like DeeDeeDelovely said it can be "low key" if you know how to work it. I love Ellen Tracy stockings. I have a pair that constantly gets noticed with compliments.
  12. Only time I've ever worn them, and likely for me the only time I will is Halloween. I LOVE patterned tights though!
  13. I love fishnets, I think they are so chic! Just picture them with peep-toe Louboutin heels and a knee-length skirt or dress...
  14. I love them but I'm too old for them.:crybaby:
  15. IMO, they're a little frightening...I can deal with regular black fishnets and they can look cool with the right things, but other than black, eh-eh. I have the same opinion on colored hosiery and leggings. I just don't really want to see hot pink legs...:rolleyes: