Fishnet pump

  1. Just curious what you girls thoughts are on these. Thank you!!
  2. They seem like they could be comfortable (sling backs= comfort IMO) but I'm not too fond of them. But I guess that might depend on the outfit.
  3. I prefer the peep toe version.
  4. Mehhh...just not feeling it. Prefer Mlle. Marchand for a fishnet pump
  5. Yeah, I know what you mean. That's why I was curious. It has possibilities though. I think I would rather spend $$ on black VP's
  6. They are neat, but not my taste.
  7. How is Rav??:smile: He is so cute!
  8. I like them but the peep toe looks better and they don't look that comfortable to me..depends how flimsy that fishnet is. I doubt it will be very flimsy but I think the sturdier it feels the less comfortable it will be. :huh:
  9. looks kinda comfy..cant really say unless i can try it on IRL..
  10. He's great! :heart: He's a spoiled little booger. lol
  11. I would have to see the shoe IRL and on someone to know for sure. But, if it takes having to see it IRL and on someone, then I would have to say it is not a slam dunk shoe. So, right off the bat and without censoring myself I have to say, in that picture it is kind of ugly.
  12. I have the peep toe version from last season and I LOVE them. They are also shoes that I get the most compliments on. I think it's just b/c they are so different.

    I prefer mine though to be honest. Those seem like a bit much too me.
  13. At least on mine, it really isn't flimsy. It isn't still like leather but it isn't nearly as flimsy as I thought they would be. The peep toes have a thick mesh under it that doesn't really show up as much in photos. They are suprisingly comfortable though.
  14. I think they should post more pictures of that style--it's difficult to imagine it on with the single view.

    I've tried another fishnet style on, and they seemed durable!
  15. I like the fishnet but must admit that I like the peep toe better. I feel like it goes better with how open the shoe is.