Fish Tote

  1. I just got my mom the smaller of the fish totes from the outlets for 175$. She was so exited she never got a coach bag before. :nuts:
  2. Awe, that is so sweet of you!
  3. It was at the Rehobeth Outlets in Del. We have a beach house in Del. that my mom decorated with a fish motif. I would have felt so bad if she didnt get one, I was gonna try to save it for the holidays but I was too exited, plus if I gave it to her in Dec, she would have had to wait until spring to use it.
  4. That was so nice of you. I love the fish totes!
  5. If your near an outlet, the small demi ones are only 75$
  6. Rehoboth outlet stuff is good! I was there about a month ago and there were optic lurex bags! I can't find them anywhere else!
  7. I know. I tell my family Im driving up from VA to go to the beach, but really I just wanted to go shopping. They have some really nice outlets up there, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Anne Taylor, ect. I got all my son's back to school shopping done up there for under 150$.
  8. LOL...I live in VA & the outlets I love most are Leesburg & Williamsburg. I live closest to Potomac Mills outlet mall but they don't have much designer outlets, they have J. Crew, Anne Taylor, Guess, Hollister, mostly teenage stores. It's a great mall for clothes & accessories but not so much bags.

    Your mom has such a wonderful daughter. I would have done the same..bought it hoping to give it to her at X-mas but me being too excited would give it to her right then & there.
  9. Aww how sweet of you !! That fish pattern is so cute !!
    On a sidenote- you're the second Leanne I've met in the Coach subforum! My name's Leanne, then there is Lyanna (thats her username), and now you !! How cool!