Fish Key Chain

  1. Does anyone have the multicolored fish keychain. It had like 5 fish on it. If you do could you post a pic. Thanks!!!
  2. Sorry, I've only seen bad fake fish keychain.
  3. yeah, the ones on eBay are fake. I don't think coach made a multi fish keychain :confused1: just the goldfish and the big yellow & green leather one. but I could be wrong.
  4. The multi fish chain is definitely fake, just like all the multicolor dogs, cats, clothes, multicolor Breast cancer ribbons, Dancing penguins, Hello Kittys, shamrocks, Mickey Mouse (Mice?), ladybugs, ladybugs on daisies, and keychains with plants and animals in colors and shapes not found in nature, including all the metal and enamel dogs and cats with C's against a colored enamel background..

    All fake.