First's for 5"9 and over?

  1. I'm almost 5"10 140 pds, and sometimes I feel that the first's are too small for me. But, I love the style they are so chic and cute. Does anyone else have that problem?
  2. I am 5'9'' and a first is too small for me. I wish I could pull it off like Sienna Miller, but no chance...
  3. Well... I have a first and I adore the size. I am a little over 5'4", with some extra poundage... but I think it looks cute. (The purse... not the extra poundage.)

    Okay, so I'm not over 5'9", however - Lauren Graham (who I believe is over 5'9" or right at??) carries either a first or mini classique in Season 5 Ep. Wedding Bell Blues (Ep 13) of Gilmore Girls, in a metallic color, pewter, I believe? I think it looks absolutely adorable on her!! She is using it as more of a evening/speciality bag though, not an everyday bag.

    :shame: Okay, after pulling up the screen cap, it looks like mini classique. Sorry... kind of a Gilmore Geek... back to lurking...
  4. I'm 5'9", and I also found it too small for me. I prefer the Day or the City.
  5. I'm 5'6" but usually wear 3 to 4 inch heals. I think I can pull off the first just fine.
  6. I am 5'9" and taller with any kind of shoe on. I'm quite a bit heavier than you, though. I would say go bigger, but if you like the style of the classique look for a purse, since it has similar curviness.

    It's really hard to tell without trying one on though... if you try and find that it really looks good on you, then go for it.
  7. My sister in law is 5'10" and she looks great carrying the first...if you like it, go for it!
  8. i'm 5'9", 115lbs, and i think the first is too small for me. however i used to be into smaller bags (cause i hardly carried anything with me), now im more into bigger bags. i think the city is the perfect size. but i see no reason why a taller girl couldnt pull it off? it shouldnt matter...especially if youre taking it out at night.
  9. I'm 6 ft (143lb :shame:smile:!!

    Wanted a First as my first Bbag after seeing pics here, but then twas just TOO tiny IRL! Settled for a Work instead, but then I just recently tried a First again cos it was just TOOOO pretty in truffle, and I start thinking that I can actually pull this off!! :p

    That said, def only for evenings/ nights out. It won't work for an everyday bag for me.
  10. I'm only 5'4 and I think it's too small for me!! LOL...but I LOVE big bags...
  11. It will look cute on you as an evening bag!
  12. Yeah, I think def for an evening bag it will work. I have mostly cities, and I am thinking those are getting a little smaller for me ( i like big bags too) !
  13. for me there aren't bags too big or too small. It depends how you feel carrying it. :shame:
  14. I am over 5'9" (I'm not brave enough to post my weight!) and I use my one and only first for an evening bag.
  15. I'm your height too and think the First is too small for our build though I would dearly LOVE a First!! But after forking out so much for a First, the last thing I want is for the bag to disappear on if you really must have one, then make sure your First is in a BRIGHT color so it stands ouot on its own and makes its own statement :smile: That way, money well spent :smile: