First YSL - Mini cabas chyc!

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  1. #1 Oct 20, 2012
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    Hi girls :smile:

    So I don't usually post on here (I enjoy reading all your lovely posts just a little too much!) but thought I'd share my first YSL bag with you all. I acquired this 3 months ago from Net a Porter and had been debating about whether to get it (I couldn't find it in Aus at that time so couldn't see it in person!). But I am really glad to have gotten it - have been in love with it ever since. I always liked YSL chyc bags but found they were a bit too big and prefer bags with a longer strap option. Just for ref, I have a black Chloe paraty and black Balenciaga city and I use this bag a lot more than both of them (I feel the design's a lot more classic than the paraty and the Balenciaga city is almost always too big for me/too cumbersome to carry around). I will say though, that the strap does feel a little thin/flimsier than the paraty for example. You can sort of see this in the second pic. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this?


  2. I love this bag! Is the leather on yours textured? On the photos it looks really smooth, is that because the camera is not picking it up?
  3. Beautiful. I'm in love lol
  4. I noticed the flimsy strap right away esp when compared to LV speedy bandoulière, bal first, Celine trapeze, prada. I didn't feel like this with my ysl downtown. On the side note, I tried small muse bowler in a boutique and the stap was again flimsy.
  5. Nope it's not textured at all - it's very very smooth! Apologies for the picture quality - it's from my phone!

    Hahaha me too! :smile:

    So it's not just me who is thinking this! I thought I was just being a bit picky. This is the one gripe that I have about this bag. Every time I use it I feel like I have to be careful putting it onto my shoulder (that sounds incredibly strange, but it really does feel that flimsy!)...
  6. Congrats!!!! Love the bag!!
  7. Lol am I weird for loving the zippers? They look so sturdy and easy to hang on to...some zippers I see are sooo flimsy and get stuck on everything and your finger slips off them easy...these look like they would do an awesome job. Ok I'll stop sounding like a psycho that loves zippers now. :lol:
  8. Love the bag!
    Is it easy to get stuff in and out of the bag? :smile:
  9. I have one and to me it's easy enough. Bear in mind that you have two closures to work with. One is the zipper top and 'Y' tab is the other. The 'Y' magnetic tab is bothersome, however. I love the 'Y' hardware but not the way I have to aim the tab to fit into its base on the bag. If you know what I mean...I can't carelessly flip the 'Y' strap down in hope that it will perfectly fall into the magnetic hold at the base.
  10. It's a gorgy bag!!

    I too have noticed the leather on the chyc. Chloe paraty (I got the small size one) has thicker leather but YSL leather is softer/smoother IMO.
  11. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  12. Hey, thanks for your feedback! It helps. I shall go in one of the boutiques and try it out for myself. Really gorgeous bag. Enjoy!!
  13. love this bag
  14. congrats, beautiful bag, i love the color
  15. Hi, i recently bought a first generation YSL mini cabas like yours. I just want to ask... Is there really no YSL engraved at the back of the Y clamp/front closure? Also, is there really no 2 small interior pockets? Because mine only has 1 interior pocket at the back. I hope you can help. It's so hard to find posts in first generation YSL bags. Thanks!