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First YSL: Medium Envelope or Medium Sunset


May 5, 2023
Which size did you buy? Does it really heavy and not easily scratched?
Actually I really want niki baby at first, but I changed my mind when I saw it in real life.
I have the medium. It can get heavy when packed especially when my cellphone is in it. But it’s not too bad that the bag becomes cumbersome to carry. It has a leather break so it also helps. I find any purse with chain straps tends to get heavy when I am going to be out and walking all day so I try to avoid using them if I know I will be walking a lot or going on a walking tour, etc. Those with leather breaks are better than those without (can dig into your shoulders if your clothing is thin) But for any other occasions, I have no problems and enjoy using them. I don’t see any scratches on my sunset bag. I do rotate my bags and am mostly careful with all of my bags. I always use a leather spray for protection and have some peace of mind while using. Hope this helps.


Nov 15, 2023
I love both bags and have them in reverse colors - sunset in black embossed croc with GHW and envelope in dark beige also GHW. I love these 2 bags as they are both structured and versatile...but I oh so love the croc embossed that I bought the phone holder in black croc embossed leather GHW, call me crazyy lol.