1. hi girls, it's my first time to start a thread here in PF. Im just a lurker, and feel shy on what i just have at the moment. I've just started getting into designer handbags last November of 2005..so it's basically my first year anniversary! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:

    Thanks everyone,
    Jan :heart:
  2. Hi!
    Can you just post a photo instead a link to your blog/website? We don't allow links.
  3. sorry about that :shame: . I should've read the rules first. Anyhow, im going to post first my latest bag purchases.. then the first year anniversary collection..later on :yes: .

    Balenciaga Arena Hook Large in Cornflower
    Balenciaga Shrug in Ink


  4. It's been one fruitful year of bag hoarding... I was once a simple woman who was satisfied with just NineWest, XOXO, Liz Clairborne, Kathy Vanzeeland Etc. :shame: . but a year has passed and I truly found designer bags a remarkable possession... Thanks to my dear online-turned-real-life friends! :love: :yahoo:

  5. boy i am impressed! only 1 yr and you collected that much!
  6. very nice!!
  7. Your gold gucci is absolutely beautiful!
  8. Wow, that's a lot of bags in one year! Way to go!
  9. your dior vintage flowers bag is beautiful! :love:
  10. LOOOOVE that Gucci bag with that white bandana!!! Sorry I'm not fluent in Gucci bag language!!! :sweatdrop:
  11. i love your Guccis...so nice@
  12. where is the Gucci bag? I can't see it? I see Balenciaga only :shrugs:
    but I like your hook bbag.
  13. i can't believe you started only a year ago. wow girl that is a lot of very nice bags you have
  14. Great collection! Congrats. I really love your Balenciagas.
  15. ok I saw your other collection now. I love your Gucci collection, especially the one with bamboo details.