first&worst at GUCCI !@#$%

  1. :cursing:
    My first and worst experience at GUCCI...
    to buy a Wallet...not mine! but for my brother's
    21 Birthday!!! Sorry! this is a long? story! :tdown:

    SUNNY DAY!!! :tup:
    The man opened the door for me, i entered!
    i walked to the wallets...this asian woman called sarah!
    age 25???...gave me a unclean look...
    'what are you after?'
    i came to buy a plus thank you
    '(pointing at the glass wallets) here'
    -_-...can i have a look please?
    'which one'
    men's gg plus bi fold wallet please?
    'which gg plus bi fold wallet???'
    ...mmm...which do you have?
    '(pointing) these are all we have'
    ...can i have a look at them please?
    ...:cursing: this one please
    (after i looked at one) you have any others?
    'this one (pointing inside the glass) is the new one'
    ...mmm...ok...(i was :cursing:) i'll buy this one...
    'Ok~ i'll get you a new one? here...have a check'
    (looking at the wallet...pointing at 3 not perfect
    stitches! 3 stitches were UNSTITCHED) this is...
    'Thats NORMAL. It's because they are HAND MADE, so all of the wallets are the SAME, they ALL have it'
    ...ok i'll buy this
    'come to the counter...(walking) that's $310.00'
    ...yes (paid...looking outside...RAIN RAIN RAIN?!)
    'here...and thank you'

    OK...i have no umbrella...sunny to hard rain?!
    the bag is small and i can see the wallet box...
    i know the bag will fill up with water...get wet...etc.
    and this is a PRESENT!!!

    I said thank you then 30 seconds after...I said
    I'm sorry! but...can i have a bigger bag for this small bag?

    she stopped and looked at me for 3 SECONDS
    "A BIGGER BAG?????? ( ROLLING HER EYES!!! TO ME!!!TURNED AROUND SHAKING HER HEAD!!! with a bonus 'tttu' then gave me it..."

    I was :cursing: my brain frozen! with WHAT THE !@#$%
    in my head...

    I walked out...stopped in the rain...thinking...!@#$%

    what would your actions be???
  2. Was the GUCCI store at THE ROCKS (Australia, Sydney)...
    : (
  3. Sorry about the bad service. I have experienced that at Gucci myself. I hate when you are spending a lot of money and they still treat you like dirt.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear about that. When that happens to me, and it has, the moemnt I sense attitude, I will tell the SA, "Oh it's okay i'm not looking to buy today" or "I'll have a think about it" or "I'll keep looking first and let you know if I need help". This makes them go away then I will try my luck with another SA with the hope that he or she is nicer.

    If it were me in that situation I would have said something, not pick a fight or anything but I would have said something. Don't let that put you off. Just remember (and I in no way look down on anyone who works in retail) that they don't own the store and that they are there to provide a service to you. Do not take it to heart. Continue shopping there, but next time find another SA.
  5. wow i can NOT believe any gucci SA would treat u like that?!?! omg thats so odd! ive seen some people get treated as so at other designers, but gucci!>!? man whats the world coming to!!! u just wanted a bag!! ugh!
  6. WOW I am sorry... I have to ay that I am surprised that a gucci SA treated you like that but I hope this doesn't deter you from buying the brand again...
  7. I know how you feel..that's why I don't really go to the gucci boutique anymore unless I need to see something in real life that wasn't available at Neimans or anywhere else. The nicest person there is the security guard who's only nice because I haven't interacted with him, although he keeps staring. I can't stand ANY of the SA's. I was going to complain to the manager once, the highest up I could go..made a list of everything I was mad about but never did it.. I can't believe this happens to so many people in so many stores accross the world. Doesn't even make sense. I feel like taking an invisible hand and slapping them so they can snap into it (invisible- just for reality-check purposes, not hurting!):cursing:
  8. WOW im sorry this happened to u..
    if i was in ur situation ... i would not buy anything from her! and i would ask for manager and file a complain agains the SA... but since u didnt complain...i would definately file a complain against that SA!

    BTW.. is she the one with tanned skin and height around 160?
  9. YES!!! :cursing:&:crybaby: tanned skin and 160cm height...asian
    everything i was ok...:cursing: but...the ROLLING THE EYES...made me :cursing::cursing::cursing:
    Thank you everyone...! :tup:
  10. the next time you go to the store, ask pleasantly that she not be the one to assist you because she makes you lose your appetite :graucho: