first&worst at GUCCI !@#$%

  1. :cursing:
    My first and worst experience at GUCCI...
    to buy a Wallet...not mine! but for my brother's
    21 Birthday!!! Sorry! this is a long? story! :tdown:

    SUNNY DAY!!! :tup:
    The man opened the door for me, i entered!
    i walked to the wallets...this asian woman called sarah!
    age 25???...gave me a unclean look...
    'what are you after?'
    i came to buy a plus thank you
    '(pointing at the glass wallets) here'
    -_-...can i have a look please?
    'which one'
    men's gg plus bi fold wallet please?
    'which gg plus bi fold wallet???'
    ...mmm...which do you have?
    '(pointing) these are all we have'
    ...can i have a look at them please?
    ...:cursing: this one please
    (after i looked at one) you have any others?
    'this one (pointing inside the glass) is the new one'
    ...mmm...ok...(i was :cursing:) i'll buy this one...
    'Ok~ i'll get you a new one? here...have a check'
    (looking at the wallet...pointing at 3 not perfect
    stitches! 3 stitches were UNSTITCHED) this is...
    'Thats NORMAL. It's because they are HAND MADE, so all of the wallets are the SAME, they ALL have it'
    ...ok i'll buy this
    'come to the counter...(walking) that's $310.00'
    ...yes (paid...looking outside...RAIN RAIN RAIN?!)
    'here...and thank you'

    OK...i have no umbrella...sunny to hard rain?!
    the bag is small and i can see the wallet box...
    i know the bag will fill up with water...get wet...etc.
    and this is a PRESENT!!!

    I said thank you then 30 seconds after...I said
    I'm sorry! but...can i have a bigger bag for this small bag?

    she stopped and looked at me for 3 SECONDS
    "A BIGGER BAG?????? ( ROLLING HER EYES!!! TO ME!!!TURNED AROUND SHAKING HER HEAD!!! with a bonus 'tttu' then gave me it..."

    I was :cursing: my brain frozen! with WHAT THE !@#$%
    in my head...

    I walked out...stopped in the rain...thinking...!@#$%

    what would your actions be???
  2. Was the GUCCI store at THE ROCKS (Australia, Sydney)...
    : (
  3. "I usually shop at the Milan store and none of my last 7 purchases have gone like this. May I have your name and may I speak with your manager, please?" (sweet smile, looking at watch.) "Oh, and while the manager is coming, would you be a dear and look to see if you have the new Indy in crocodile?"
  4. This has nothing to do with the incredible rudeness and stupidity of the clerk who waited on you, of course, but I do hope some of the experts around here note the bit about "three stitches missing." The idea that Gucci only delivers PERFECT items is incorrect, but too often taken as an excuse to pronounce an item "fake." Just think about it a moment. . . .
  5. I just had a day like that but better service...went in no rain about to leave very heavy rain. BUT the very nice sales guy suggested he double bag my purchase. This was in Toronto. I would go back there any time they have excellent service. The manager even helped out to find the dog coats I was looking into. That is where it was not good. The coats are way too big for my tiny chi babies. I was hoping to bring one home.

    It's too bad they have people like that working in any store.
  6. I am so sorry this happen to you.
  7. Customer service shines and tarnishes. It is the same whether an SA at Gucci, a server at a fine restaurant, or a counter clerk at McDonald's. Those who get it will rise, the others will sink. Only fools and government employees forget who really pays their salaries. And only foolish customers forget to say "Thank you," and "would you mind?"
  8. So sorry. I hate when you are not treated like you should be.
  9. Oh no! That sucks. Sounds like you've been put into a nervous spot by the SA and made a quick decision to buy it anyway and scurried.
    Now,when did you buy it? If i were you, i would consider bringing the wallet to the Castlereagh Street store and exchange for a good one. Call them prior to get ready a new one. :yes:
  10. Good luck btw!:smile:
  11. When I'm not treated properly I am a you know what. I would have spoken to her first about it. If i didnt feel it was resolved I would call corporate for a 310 dollar wallet they should excuse the expression kiss up to you. And I would definately exchange it for one that doesnt have the 3 stitch defect whether I pay 2 dollars for a wallet or 2000 i expect to be treated as they would like to be treated.
  12. You don't deserve to be treated like that!
  13. I really hope you think about it a moment -- when was the last time you help other members authenticate?
  14. Have to say I'm sorry, some SA simply doesn't deserve the commission. The other day I saw an SA at Neiman Marcus standing in front of the Gucci counter with her two arms crossing, like a security guard! No smile, did not say hi... I can tell she hates customers!
  15. The service i get at Castlereagh Street is really bad..