First World problem. Which keepall to get.

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  1. I've finally married my choice of canvas down to two for the Keepall I'm going to get.

    However, I can't choose between Monogram Macassar and Damier Cobalt. I wasn't so sure about Damier Cobalt but it looks gorgeous in the flesh and it is the only keepall to have an inside pocket.

    That's my first conundrum.

    Second, I don't know if I should get a 45 or a 55. I currently have a 60 and when that's full it is so heavy I end up hating carrying it. I don't want it to be the same with a 55, but I'm not sure if the 45 will be too small.

    Decisions, decisions.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of the new Cobalt color. I don't think its elegant and sophisticated. It's more casual and "sporty", so if you like that, go for it. I would pick Mono Maca over Cobalt.

    I think the 45 is too small. It reminds me of a big Speedy. I would go for the 55, but only for the reason that it looks best when a guy carry a 55.
  3. Since you have a 60 already, I might go for the 45.

    45 is more of an overnight bag, 60 can always be under packed for a couple nights stay. 50 might be too close to the 60...

    I am also in LVoe with the Macassar monogram. But I also tend to stay away from navies since my wardrobe is mostly black.
  4. Macassar monogram is so beautiful.
  5. Totally agree. It's gorgeous, it has my vote!
  6. I'm female and love the Macassar I plan to get one in 55 this year.
  7. My friend's boyfriend has a Monogram Macassar Keepall and it looks very good on him. Not so sure about the Cobalt.

    What is the print of your Keepall 60?
  8. I wish the Keepall 50 in DE, MM, and Cobalt would come with a strap, because I think that size is the most versatile.
  9. I absolutely LOVE mcassar!
  10. Hi

    Thanks for all your replies so far. My Keepall 60 is Mono but I've just sold it on eBay today so this will be a replacement.

    Nobody seems to be feeling the Cobalt, has anyone seen it in the flesh?

    I took a look yesterday and really fell in love.
  11. Go for what you fell in love or else you will regret. And also cobalt is fresh and new release. Go get it before its first price increase :smile:
  12. Agreed. If its love at first sight, go for it!
  13. so fun to help with these conflics
    I like the 55 but colbat is hevy leather so maybe 45
    it is also new material for me it's great and special
    but it means you do'nt know what is the material flaws are yet
    but I think it is worth the risk
    good luck
  14. I have the 50, bought pre-loved. Wish I would have gone for the 55 or 60. Since it's not a purse you're carrying daily, go bigger, too much space is better than too little, IMO.
  15. I have the 55 damier cobalt. It is very unique and will post pics when my account becomes official.