First Week of June?

  1. I THINK my SA was leaking info to me today without coming out and saying it. & I don't think he meant the PW Release...

    PCE??? Shhhhh??? Anyone know???

    He said they just found out.
  2. Unless he just meant the PW bags were coming out...

    Then again, he mentioned to be watching my M-A-I-L and I don't think he meant for a new catalogue...
  3. The SA's in my favorite Coach boutique told me that there will definitely be a PCE in June. I can't help but say that news makes me happy! :wlae:
  4. I hope you are right, I will be extremely happy! Like doing back flips happy! :yahoo:
  5. Ummmm...what's a "PW bag" mean? :confused1:
  6. I heard first of June too. Of course I will be broke from my vacation then. LOL.
  7. I think PW= patch work :yes:
  8. Tsk tsk there are always new patchworks but pce?

    :smile: let's just say double the fun

    I am surprised he found out just now or was that quick thinking?
  9. I'm really hoping I get a PCE invite. I've been buying a lot of stuff lately. Crossing my fingers!
  10. Since Coach has been deemed "Jesus approved", I will be sure to include a PCE prayer for everyone. That multi-stripe messenger is looking better and better......

  11. i love it ! "jesus approved" ! lol
  12. "jesus approved"?
  13. :confused1:
  14. I'm going to use that with my hubby !

    "coach is jesus approved"- lol