First Vuitton on Friday

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  1. We'll have here in Helsinki our first Louis Vuitton shop on Friday (yey :yahoo: ) and I'm thinking seriously about buying a first Vuitton then.
    I have calculated that I could spent about 500 euros ( = £398 ) and that's not much.. so should I just buy a wallet or a small bag?

    I've been dreaming (literally) about this koala wallet

    What do you think?
  2. Love the color - I have it in a zippy wallet. Surprisingly fingerprints aren't really a problem. I say go for it---a wallet is something you handle daily and will bring you constant joy (well, until you have to part with the money in it) (I started to say greenbacks---but you don't have those).
  3. Get the koala wallet as you said, it's your dreamed wallet ;)
  4. Get the wallet since you've been dreaming about it.
  5. I say go for it! The Koala is really cool when you see it IRL.:tup:
  6. go for it before its out of stock..
  7. Definetly go for's gorgeous!!
  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that wallet.
  9. Go for the wallet!

    Congratulations on having a new retail therapy stop-over ... I am sure you will find yourself returning to it time and time again.
  10. The wallet in pomme is gorgeous. Hope you get it!
  11. Go for what you love!
  12. Iiih ! :yahoo: I just saw my future wallet !

    I'll post some pictures of the shop later so you can critizice is the shop anything like other stores.

    ( btw. the shop will open to public tomorrow :sad: yesterday there was celebrity party with champagne and today I saw they shopping there.. I bet there was more champagne too. That just suck. )
  13. Enjoy your new store and looking forward to seeing your first LV purchase! :smile:
  14. You will love it.
  15. Today's the day!!!