first vs. day

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  1. I am making my first b bag purchase.
    Please help me to choose the right design.
    I am debating either white first or white day hobo

    I want something that is versatile and it will go with any outfit.

    thanks! :heart:
  2. i prefer the day over the first because the day can hold more things...but that is just imo
  3. I AGREE. :tup:
  4. I also prefer the Day coz it holds a lot more. Then again I am not a small bag person.
  5. The First is a really cute little bag. I thnk it's a bag that can go from day to evening quite easily. The First is also really cute with dresses.

    That said, I am 5'10" and find the First WAY to small for me. I prefer the day for the same reasons others said.

    I think you should try them both on to see what works for you.

    I am curious about the color though--why white? With Bal having so many lovely color choices, I'm wondering why you're not considering another color?
  6. I prefer the Day as the First is too small. To me, the First is more of an additional Bal in a collection.
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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    i loveee the day but i hoping to get a first too. it'll be a good night bag when i dont want to carry too many things. :smile: the day is more of a casual day bag in IMO
  8. I also prefer the Day over the First. Have you considered getting a City?
  9. The First really won't hold much at all. The Day is more useful but is a very slouchy bag and your stuff will tend to fall into a heap in the base. I agree with thought that the City would be a better first B-bag.

    Why White? Are you aware that some white B-bags have a tendency to turn yellow? They are also pretty hard to keep clean. Isn't this going to limit the use of your first bag?
  10. I prefer the day, too. For me it's almost the perfect size, and it goes over my shoulder so comfortable. When I carry the day it's always by hand, or with the handles over my arm, because I just don't fine the shoulder strap comfortable. So it's more my night out bag, or I'll carry it if I'm going for brunch or dinner.
  11. I love my black Day - perfectly comfortable, great slouch! I faint :faint: at the thought of a white bag though, especially if it were my first and only Bal - I know mine would be filthy or eventually yellow and I would be so sad :crybaby:!
  12. Why white? Bal has so many colors!
  13. Is this gonna be your everyday bag? Or is it an nice addition to your bag collection?

    If you're using it everyday, I would recommend the day cos it can take quite a lot of stuff.

    If you want a bal classic, first gets my vote. It's the cutest bag in the entire collection in my opinion!
  14. thank you everyone! this is so hard..
    I am just looking for a summer bag.. and I am not a big color person...
    I will consider city ,,, I guess that will be a good choice for my first b bag :yes:
  15. I agree that the day is a go and the first is an added purchase. Also, for me I feel a white in the day would be pretty and go for a color in the first. I am