First vs. city

  1. I can't decide between the first and city. I live in NYC so I ride the subway alot and like to carry a book or magazine with me to pass the time. Can you fit a magazine or book in the first with say a cell phone, wallet, keys, and small make-up bag?
  2. Go with the City. If you want to carry those things, plus extras that may come up, you're going to need the extra room.

    First is great for essentials only - I can comfortably fit a MJ zip clutch, wristlet, card case, keys, sunglasses, Motorola Razr, and that is about it... :smile:
  3. Looks like you need a City. I doubt you would be able to fit all of that in a First.
  4. I think the city would be perfect for that. Not so much on the first.
  5. If you want to carry all of that then a City. The first will be too small.
  6. go with the city, u can't fit magazines on a first :yes:
  7. Actually I was wondering the same thing too. I have been postponing on getting a BBag since I couldn't decide between the first vs. city. However I think I will probably get the city since it sounded like it's more practical.
  8. I agree - go with the city. I don't know if I'd be able to squish a magazine into my first.. I probably could, but wouldn't be able to fit much else in her afterwards!
  9. Def the city. I'm in Boston and ride the subway a lot myself. I've carried my City every day this week and it comfortably fits everything you want. I don't have a first myself, but I'd think it would be too small for a book or magazine + .
  10. go for the city. but some (esp. RealDealCollection aka rocksteady ) would beg to differ. she can fit so much into her city it seems like a magic trick. she can fit a magazine and sweater and sunglasses and everything in it. she has it posted in the "what's in your bbag thread" it's somewhere buried in the depths of this forum. if i find it i will bump it for you.

    but yeah, the city sounds good. You can fit a book, magazine, and/or sweater and snacks in it.

    have you considered the twiggy or box? or even the bowler styles?
  11. With my TREO, wallet, and keys, it's a tight fit in the FIRST. So definitely go for the CITY if you actually want to use the bag.:yes:
  12. For me, i usually prefer city size as it definitely can stuff more things as compared to first. However, it also depends what is your daily essentials stuffs that you bring.....if first is fine with you, then go for it...if it doesn't then city will be your best choice...:rolleyes:
  13. definitely the city...i had a magenta first that i LOVED but it was just too small for me to use as often as i would have liked to. the city is perfect for every day!
  14. I have a city, and the size is perfect for everyday! You can definitely fit a lot of stuff in there and it won't distort the shape too much. Plus, you can put less things in it for a lighter day. it's very practical, functional, and (duh) BEAUTIFUL!
  15. I dont realy like the first, i think its much to small asspecialy for me (male). But i always loved bigbags better. Much easyer to take al your stuf.
    And when U are tiny you even look more tiny.
    So i would say the city (i have one to and love it)
    or better the work or weekender.

    Good choices to make

    BYBY FX:heart: