First Vs City- Size difference

  1. Hi Everyone! This is my 1st post. I have been a member for 2 weeks and am learning sooo much from all of you. Ok here's the deal- I live in Iowa and am 4 hours from the nearest place that has Bal bags. I've never even seen one in real life but... I WANT one BAD! What size to get? Is there alot of size differnce between the First and the City? I usually carry my long Prada wallet, a small make-up bag, cell,keys,a few odds and ends (pens,gum,Motrin) and eyeglass case. I'd hate to get the 1st and find it's too small but what if the City is too big? Any help would be great! I love this place! I am getting addicted! Thanks
  2. I LOVE my City bag and I seem to use my black one the most. I'm 5'9 so I think its perfect. I seem to use my Ink First on weekends since I dont want to carry the bigger City bag.
  3. youd def need a city for all that

    i only carry the minimum (keys, wallet, cell, gloss, gum) and it fits in my first but i couldnt add much more without it looking overstuffed

    oh, and id never seen a bbag before getting mine either (got it from balNY) and i was soooo happy :yes:
  4. Hi!!! Welcome to the forum. I am new too and the girls here are so helpful and knowlegable. Get the City. It holds a lot. The first is too small for every day use in my opinion. I just exchanged a new first for a City. It's okay for going out to theatre, dinner, etc. but it won't hold much.
  5. I think a City size is better for what you carry. Welcome to TPF!
  6. I'd suggest the City, too. You can fit more in the First than you may think, but it ends up looking stuffed. In the City, you can fit a lot and it still won't look too full and it will be more slouchy. And it's always nice to have extra room in case you need to throw something else in!
  7. City is such a great size and most popular one.:yes:
  8. Oh you guys are great! Thanks, sounds like the City is what I need. Now.... which color???? I am leaning towards the grenat. I emailed Aloha Rag, (thanks to all of you for letting me know about them) and they sent me a file with all the bags and colors that they have. I am almost ready to order!
  9. c, welcome to the forum!:flowers: with all your stuff you listed, i think you're best bet is the city. that's a great size for a first balenciaga.
  10. If you like Grenat you should get it.
  11. get the city for sure
  12. definitely get the city!! when it comes to bags, i always think the bigger the better...i looove big bags, there's always something that needs to be carried.

    welcome to the forums!
  13. Get a First AND a City if you can. You need one of each for different occasions. :graucho:
  14. I second Irissy, I am going to do just that! :shame:
  15. Could anyone actually tell me the diffrence in size with mesurements, centimeter if possible?