first visit to mulberry bond street

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  1. Well with great excitement I made my way to Bond Street. Bounced through the door and immediately saw the coral bay. Noticed black mark on it (not a promising sign). Had a look round at other offerings. Went to make my purchase when a girl came in complaining justifyably about her printed bayswater that was wearing(she'd only bought it last week) then I piped up that mine was wearing too. They were very good and were going to send it for repairs when I noticed the new bay being packed up was the one with the mark. At that moment a man came in with his wife's handbag and pointed out the binding was coming off ' blimey someone' said 'theyre dropping like flies.' Turned out that was the last coral so I lunged into cab and went to Knightsbridge. There the jolly manager greeted me somewhat puzzlingly with 'Ah your back! decided to buy the coral then' I was taken back and thougt he could either read my mind or was tracking me on the website. Still got the coral and paid for it Del Trotter fashion with cash, voucher and card. Rather let the side down here. Still the manager who had mistaken me for someone esle cheerily waved me off. Managed to take an inventory of new bags ; black patent east west, white patent and I think fushia. Then a turquoise mabel and a glorious turqouise patterned bays .My sights going so couldn't see if it was 7,500 or 750 either way out of my league!
  2. Wow...what a day you have had. Congrats...on the new Coral bayswater. Don't forget to post pics.
  3. Oooo Alison, can't wait to see pics.
  4. Can't wait to see the coral Bays!!!! Many congrats!!!
  5. Thanks for a great report and big congrats on new coral Bays! Sounds like you had an amazing day.
  6. Wow! What an entertaining day! Im glad you got one in the end, cant wait to see pics - is it a patent one you have?