First visit to Hermes!

  1. Wish we luck! I'm going to Hermes in San Francisco today to have my first look around. Well, actually yesterday I called the store and spoke to wonderful Paul who was so kind on the phone and actually went in search for the scarf I want, called me back 1/2 hour later after finding it tucked away in the back room just calling my name! It's on hold for me but I have a feeling once I get there, I'll just have to look at some of the others. I wanted the Bolduc as this is my first Hermes purchase and it seems to me to epitomise everything Hermes....but perhaps there's something else calling my name as well????

    Anyway, I'm off to get dressed to the hilt and see what awaits me in San Fran....:lol:

    I'm kind of excited....
  2. How exciting! Good luck on your trip to Hermes- and please let us know how it goes! And especially, pics of what you buy!!!
  3. Oooh! Have fun and can't wait to hear a report!
  4. Have a great time and be sure to give us details!
  5. Have a great time! Take pics of your purchase(s)!
  6. We like details! Can't wait to hear.
  7. Have a good time at Hermes. We wanna hear all about it..
  8. living vicariously here so make sure we get all the details....:biggrin:
  9. Ohhh, which scarf? Have a wonderful experience, the SF Hermes is gorgeous.
  10. Hope you get lots of goodies!!! I've dealt with Paul before and he is very very helpful.
  11. ooh, I can't wait to hear the story after your visit. Please post your experience. I hope you have a good time and have great SAs treating you.
  12. I'm happy for you! Have a blast!
  13. I'm eagerly awaiting the report!
  14. OH OH I'm so so waiting to hear about your first experience at Hermes~
    (I'm sure it's not as bad as mine, but very exciting)
  15. Hi everyone - here is a sort-of update. I did NOT get to Hermes today due to an unexpected visit to the doctor with my 16-year old who it turns out has bronchitis. So, it'll be tomorrow and Paul's waiting for me - Just wanted you to know why I'm not posting about all the goodies I bought. No goodies yet but I DO have a lovely scarf put aside with my name on it! It'll be coming home with me tomorrow! Thanks for all your good thoughts....