First visit to H tomorrow... any advice ?

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  1. Well, my best buddy and I are taking a day-trip to Charlotte tomorrow to visit the Hermès boutique. I have never been inside an H boutique before, having bought all my H items either by calling the Atlanta store or from, etc.

    Sooooo, do you all have any advice? Is there anything I just must look for? I really am not in the market for a bag. I have the Evelyne and can't get another H bag this year.

    So far, here is what I already have: A pocket square, twilly, three 36" scarves, Hapi 3mm bracelet, and a large Ulysse on the way. So, what would be a good addition? I want to spent no more than $1,200.

  2. Hey I'm going to be there sometime tomorrow too!!! :biggrin:

    You should check out some of their jewelry. They have a beautiful long silver chain that has er, I'm not sure what they are, links periodically in the chain that look like the scarf rings (the double-hole ones!). They have a number of the cute animal and fruit key chains, some really adorable summer hats (I have my eyes set on a velvetie orange one!), a BUNCH of the enamel bracelets...hmm, I wish my memory were better >_> They had one of those lovely little clutch cases in a green leather that I think would be adorable to carry on evenings out (I think they are around $450??). Hmm...a bunch of gorgeous agendas! I looked at a shockingly gorgeous hot pink agenda (I'm not sure what leather/color specifically, probably Rose Shocking though!) that was medium sized, a long one that is about 6 long, 4 1/2-5 inches wide. Agendas are always a nice choice! And I think it was around $300+ something. Had some great zip agenda/wallets too, but they were at least $1,200.

    sorry I wish I were better at this :shame: I hope you enjoy your trip tomorrow though!!! :smile:
  3. no kidding you guys! have fun! i was there yesterday :smile: please let us know how your trip goes :yes:

    the folks who work there are soooooooooooooooo nice, they are always welcoming (i am there A LOT :blush: ) and so far they're not tired of me yet! i hope you have a great visit !

    scarves on the right, fragrances down center, bags on the left :p the middle section has china, jewelry, those 800 stuffed horses and blankets. last part of the store, ladies RTW, men's ties, mens RTW. enamel bracelets on the right near the front of the store while facing the front.

  4. How about a decadent cashmere stole/pashmina? Also, the belts are so classic and will last forever!

  5. hahaha the memorization of the layout is awesome :biggrin:

    They are really, really nice there, which makes me feel very comfortable about going in there whenever I like :yes:
  6. they are very nice there. i've been in a couple other hermes shops and this one is definitely the "warmest." they have tons of bracelets and they do have some cozy throws!
  7. Don't worry about a thing at all. You are not obligated to buy anything. It's OK to just browse. I visited my Hermes store several times (not much time to shop right now), and I'd say that half the time, I don't even buy anything.

    Just browse, and if something catches your eye, ask a friendly SA to show it to you. I know we don't talk much about the RTW, but go ahead and try it on, along with their shoes. Browse thru the scarves, too.
  8. Perhaps you might want to browse for inspiration, so you more or less have an idea or two to zoom into when you are at the store. If I were in your shoes, I would certainly check out the pen holders, coin purses and wallets in the small leather accessories section.

    I would also see if there is a cadena that appeals, and see if there is a nice leather choker (other than the jumbo) to wear the cadena around the neck.

    And don't forget the Hermes perfumes ~ lovely scents.

    Post back and let us know your H shopping experience. Look forward to your update :smile:
  9. Thanks, guys... I am soooo excited!!! :yahoo: I'll let you know how it goes...
  10. Oh, Kallie, what fun!! I'd love to go to Southpark! Maybe sometime soon....
  11. just go there w/ your head held high and you'll be fine. btw, the prior post is right.. you don't have to buy anything. just look. especially if it's your first time.