First Visit to BalNYC to get The Scoop on Violet

  1. This Friday I was able to get out of work early so I headed over to BalNYC w my bf 25 minutes before it closed. I was so excited to finally meet Kim in person and see the weird cave where these beautiful bags come from. Besides finally seeing the cave I wanted to see violet in person.

    Violet- The Scoop

    First off Kim said she got a shipment of 10 Cities in Violet this Thursday, but these bags are reserved for people on the waitlist. The first will not be available for awhile and apparently the waitlist for the first is a lot longer than for the city. There was ONE violet city with GH that was available for purchase while I was there. I am also on the waitlist for the clutch with the wrist holder in violet with GH. I was told that these clutches will not come in for a long time.

    RH? GH? SGH? & The Color
    Kim showed my the violet city with rh, gh, and sgh. I actually liked the violet rh and violet gh combos the most. The silver looked a bit too light/white on the vibrant color. The purple and gold combo was gorgeous but it is probably the loudest and blingiest combo of all the Bal bags I have ever seen. The color reminded me a lot of the old school crayola caryon color "royal purple." You can check it out here at the crayola website. The leather seemed similar to the leathers on the Spring 2007 bags but a bit thicker. The color was definitely a deep rich purple with a hint of royal blue. Quite regal and quite gorgeous :p

    Other Hot Items
    At the end of the cave there were also a pair of gorgeous purple suede flats (that also come in olive) that seem like the perfect compliment for the purple and olive bags of the SS07 line.

    Kim showed me the clutch with the wrist holder in ocean with SGH. This was the most beautiful combo and clutch I have seen from Balenciaga. The colors worked beautifully together. The clutch was a lot larger than I expected and even larger than the size of a LV pochette or a small Coach bag. Kim said she thought Balenciaga needed to maek the clutch larger to accomodate the largness of the giant hardware.

    I also saw a gorgeous vert gazon mid afternoon. I had no idea that this combo would be so hip and fresh. I never would have considered this bag w/o seeing it in person.

    Kim was so helpful and kind, just like she always is over the phone. She told me next week maybe some more shipments would come in.

    I'm still on the fence about what my next Bal purchase should be but right now I'm leaning toward the violet GH clutch or ocean one.
  2. wow!! thanks for the update!! :yahoo:did you see violet in GGH in the brief style? if so how'd it look?? i'm on the list for one, but have yet to see that combo together!!

    the ocean clutch sounds TDF!! i would go for that one!!
  3. i didn't see any violet briefs but there might have been some in the back. Kim said more and more violet items will trickle in this month so you should give BalNY a call. I think the brief would look stunning in violet GGH!
  4. thanks for the report! is the clutch you're getting the like the envelope or more like the pochette? did Kim mention anything about violet twiggy availability by chance?

    be sure to post pics of your next purchase! :biggrin:... someday i need to visit this cave thing they call BalNY. hehe
  5. :tup:
    Thanks for the report from the front lines! I am thrilled that you loved the Violet RH City, and in fact one of the "10" is on it's way to me! I am also thrilled that I put myself on the waitlist for a Violet First at the same time I did for the City, which was in the first week of May! Since we have not had a glimpse of either styles yet on the pf, it's great to hear about them, and I can't wait to see them!!!
  6. Thanks so much for the report!!:tup:

    Even though I have 3 Eggplants(the Coin Purse, the Twiggy, and the WE), I can't help myself but to crave a Violet Work.....:drool: I mean, that's too much purple, right??
  7. ^^ Never too much purple!

    lebagfairy, thanks for the update!

    Kim is a doll.
  8. Tooshies - I agree, no such thing as too much purple! you NEED a Violet work :graucho:
  9. LeBagFairy -
    What hardware did the VG mid afternoon have? RH or GH? Thanks for the report!
  10. thanks for the update lebagfairy!
    i'm very tempted to get an accessory in violet, like a shoulder or a wallet...

    these flats didn't happen to have the silver studs all over (like the clous bag)? i saw a pic of a pair of olive flats like that in harpers bazaar in july i think, and loved them, but not in olive...
    i might have to get them in purple...i bet they're gorgeous!!
  11. what's a clutch with the "wrist holder"? a wrist strap?
  12. :nuts::nuts:

    Slinkie, you should be stopping me, not encouraging me!!!!!!:p

    I really want one, though......:drool:
  13. Tooshies, I also think a RH would be soooo yummy!:tender: And it would suit you so well!;)

    Your bunny is so cute!! :heart:
  14. Awww.

    Thanks, Marie:heart::heart: I love my bunny to pieces:tender:

    Violet is so yummy:drool: and I'm really tempted........:rolleyes: Arrggh, Where's money tree??
  15. Thank you for the great descriptions!