First visit to an LV store next week!!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    This might sound a bit daft to those of you who regularly visit LV stores, but I'll be going to one for the first time next week and am pretty excited about it! I live in the SW Queensland outback, in Australia - the nearest store to me is 850kms east of here in Brisbane - so of course living out here in a fashion/style void it's something I've not yet been able to do, and I'm really looking forward to it. It'll be neat to see all the different styles and varieties of bags in real life, rather than peering into my laptop screen at them! :yahoo:

    So, any suggestions of things I should look at or ask to see whilst there? I'm going to try all the bags I'm thinking of buying one day, plus look at the more expensive things that I'll never buy, hahaha.. anything else? I've heard you lot mention lookbooks or catalogues - do they give catalogues away for customers?

    After reading the bad experiences some people have had at stores too I'm hoping they're nice in there. I live in the outback now but was born and lived in London as a child, and used to live in Wellington in NZ and on the Gold Coast here, so aren't exactly a country bumpkin.. still, when I get into the store I'm going to be like a kiddie in a candy shop so I hope they're not impatient! :push:
  2. Wow, I am excited for you! I hope you will get to check out all the new stuff. It will probably be like a kid in a candy store so enjoy!!!
  3. Don't let on that you aren't buying anything. I've found that they can be impatient if you are just looking, and especially if you aren't carrying a LV bag on you. I personally usually only go to actually buy or order something. Hopefully, they won't be real busy, as then they may not have much time to spend with a window-shopper.

    Enjoy yourself.
  4.'re so cute! I'm sure you'll have a fab time at LV when you go! Definitely crossing my thumbs for you to get a nice SA, because that's really what and how your experience will be affected.

    About the lookbook, well, I doubt they will show it to a "newcomer" because they really are all hush hush about it. I've been a regular at my local store for the past 4 years, but when I went in once I was served by an SA who didn't know me (as my usual SA's weren't in), and as we were talking about the lookbook I discreetly asked if I could see it and she goes "oh no, no, that book is only for us..." and rolled her eyes. :rolleyes:

    Anyway, have a great time and enjoy trying on different bags and accessories IRL! ;)
  5. Ah, okay. I'll definitely be buying Agenda refills though, so I guess when I start hearing toes a'tapping and fingers a'drumming behind me I'll ask for those (and then run back to the racks to keep browsing whilst they go fetch some!). I'd really rather they didn't spend time with me though, and just let me potter around.. I hate it when SA's hang at your elbow when you're trying to squint at yourself in the mirror and decide how something looks on you!

    Hopefully I'll have some spare funds to buy a little something though. I'd love to get a Damier Koala Change Purse, but it'll depend upon how much more expensive they are over here. [​IMG]
  6. I'm really excited for you I hope you have a wonderful time!!! I guarantee you will drool over all the bag displays!! I do every time!
  7. Ahhh, secret stuff, huh?! Well I hope I get a nice one too. Still, after going all that way down there I'd probably just ignore any stuffy attitude anyway if they give me any, I couldn't care less about their silly snobby airs. These guys need a little perspective sometimes, I think - they only work in a shop! From some of the stories I've heard you'd expect that good ol' Louis was their Granddad or something!:rolleyes:
  8. How exciting to be venturing into LV for the first time, it will be glorious! If you prefer SAs to not hover you can let them know very politely that you are looking right now and will be certain to let them know if you need any assistance. Usually they are fine with that and understand completely the desire to shop in peace. Have a great time!
  9. Way to go FrankieP! Just ignore any snobby SA's and pretend they don't exist, lol...Oh, and about the catalogues: they cost around 10 Euros here, but I usually get them for free because I'm really close to my two favourite SAs, so they will just give them to me..;)
  10. Thanks again, I Luv! I'll probably still get a catalogue if I have to pay for one, so long as they're thick and full of luverly glossy LV pics! :drool:
  11. Have fun!
  12. That sounds so fun! Don't feel silly that it's your first time going to an LV store. I've never been to one either! I hope to change that someday soon. Have fun, and be sure to post pics of any goodies you pick up!
  13. Have a Fun first LV experience, Frankie, and be sure to take pics of you outside the store so you can show them to us later !!!!!!
  14. thats great to hear!! enjoy your visit (i'm sure you would) and dun go toooo overboard with the plastic :graucho:
  15. sounds like fun, im sure it will be unforgettable!