first vernis bag?

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  1. I prefer the Bedford of the 2, I need a bag that'll hold my loot! I really prefer the Houston as well.
    What flavor?
  2. I love the Bedford...I am really really into barrel shaped bags
  3. If I had to choose between the two above, I would go with Bedford.
  4. I like the Thompson better.
  5. I don't really like either.. I would probably go with a houston.
  6. My first Vernis was the Bedford. I have yet to use it! LOL
    I want to get a Thompson Street though, I love shoulder bags. The Houston was a little too big and I don't care for the Reade PM at all since there is no zipper close. If you wait a little bit, there will be a new Vernis bag coming out, its shaped a bit like the Biscayne Bay PM but its a cross body bag! Looks very cute!
  7. definetly for me would be a bedford. What colour are you wanting? I just bought an agenda in famboise. It's lovely but may be to much for a whole bag.
  8. I really like some of the discontinued colors, lavender and marshmallow, I've been searching ebay and there are a few on my watch list right now. I just have to wait until my tax refund comes (it was supposed to be here yesterday!). I was planning on getting the Thompson, but the Bedford is growing on me. I like the framboise too, but like you said Tanja, it might be too much for a whole bag! The agenda in that color is on my list of wants too. :smile: Maybe I'll have to buy both bags and be totally broke for a while!
  9. My Beford is in the Framboise and I couldn't be happier..its definitely a noticeable color! I really wish I had the fuschia Bedford too! The Pearl color is so nice, but I was worried about color transfer since its so light! Noisette would be a good choice as well!
  10. I like the bedford :biggrin: Its such a cute shape. I have a red one that I love, the only reason I don't use it more often is because it needs more care than regular leather bags.
  11. Me too :love: But, if those are the only two you are considering, the bedford gets my vote.
  12. In my opinion, the Bedford is more faithful than the Thompson to the Vernis line - cute, girly, playful, etc. The Thompson can't decide if it's a matronly shoulder purse or a young and modern Vernis piece.
  13. bedford is sooooo cute. but difficult to wear. (very round firm shape)..

    thompson is BIG!

    don;t forget to try the houston. i love mine'
  14. My first vernis bag was also the Bedford. Got it in the bronze. Love the color and the bag. Color is no longer available :shame: