First venture into Hermes - nothing special but I take what I learn from PFer...

  1. In the past few days, I do nothing much but read H forum.... :p I took you guys advice on getting to know the brand, making friend with SA and buying small item first.

    Well, here is what I do.... Yesterday, I went into the shop to look around some accessories, agenda, bag charm and etc. I fell in love with the duck bag charm, so I bought. It just happened that the SA asked me if I'm interested in any bag. I told her 30cm Black Birkin. We talked about the leather and such. Because I read quite a bit from here, I managed to carry the conversation and she was quite impressed of what I know. Thank you to you all.... :love:

    Then this morning, my SA called me.... She told me she has 32cm black box Kelly in GH and whether I might be interested. I'm quite surprised and curious. So I went back to the store. Though I'm not interested in Kelly, I got a chance to see Kelly for the first time. I'm now confirmed that 30cm Birkin is the right size for me. :shame:

    Anyhow, I also changed my mind on the bag charm and exchanged it to Ulysee.... I love the color.... It's my first Hermes item and I hope I will have rainbow collection soon.....

    So no major purchase for me yet, taking baby step at a time. I hope I'll have enough patient to wait for Birkin from Hermes shop and not resort to the reseller in the near future!! :push:

    Thank you for letting me share..... :heart:
    IMG_1955.JPG IMG_1956.JPG IMG_1957.JPG
  2. WOW! that was fast, you were offered a black box kelly! great bag. ooh, you might be getting that black birkin sooner than you think ;) steps are good. cos once you take the plunge, you're hooked :biggrin:
  3. Good for you, Luv! Sounds like you are off to a great start!
  4. Gorgeous! Black Box Kelly in 32cm sounds so dreamy!!!
  5. yay!!!
  6. Yay congratulations! Very cute book, I love the Ulysee! You're making me want one more :biggrin:
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congratulations on your first H purchase!
  9. Congratulations! Your Ulysee notebook cover is just lovely.:heart:
  10. Congrats! hehe ;)
  11. YAY! That's soo cool! Congrats on your first venture, becareful, it is addictive! :smile:
  12. What a great start!
  13. Love the notebook cover! Congrats!
  14. Sounds like your new SA is terrific. Good for you!
  15. Congrats on your purchase. And congrats on your great start wth Hermes!