First VCA: Alhambra WMOP Vs perlée clover pendant?

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  1. Hi all! I've just caught the VCA bug and was looking for some advice. I am looking to make my first purchase and I was thinking of a necklace. I was debating between the classic Alhambra pendant with yellow gold and white MOP or the rose gold perlée clover pendant

    WMOP: very classic design, iconic VCA piece but a bit higher maintenance
    Rose gold perlée: I love the way rose gold looks against my skin tone, more durable and maybe even more versatile? I think the clover designer is also simply stunning! Also less commonly seen. Cons are that perhaps the moving pendant may get annoying

    I'm sure down the line I will add more from each line but any advice on how to think about this? I am leaning towards the perlée BC of the durability and rose gold but wanted to get your experienced ladies thoughts. Thank you!!
  2. I think the perlee pendant is beautiful! You could also consider the all rose gold Alhambra pendant, or wait a few weeks to see what the holiday pendant will be.
  3. Ah good point on the all rose gold. But when I saw it and compared it to the white MOP, I preferred the mop

    Yes I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled about the holiday pendant. It seems it's always in super demand!!
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  4. My SA encouraged me to try on the perlee last week, and I wasn't sure about it at first, but the longer I had it on the more I could see the versatility and ease of wear. The motif is beautiful and I've admired the perlee clover bracelet for sometime already, though I have other bracelets on my list first, so this is a great way to have something from that line if you aren't planning on the bracelet.

    You mention that this is your first piece, however, so if you want something very recognizable as VCA you can't go wrong with Alhambra. Definitely give the holiday pendant a look! Sometimes it's nice to have a more under the radar item though and the Perlee is beloved by many devoted VCA fans
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