First Unhappy Buyer - Need Advice

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  1. So, I sold this Jacket on ebay:

    The jacket retailed for about $200. I expected to get many more bids. But I only got 1 and the jacket sold for $20 plus $10 shipping.

    I looked over the jacket before I listed and before I shipped did my husband. Everything looked great to us. The jacket doesn't even look used because I only wore it a few times. It had been hanging in my closet for years.

    I just got this email from the buyer:

    Dear Julie,
    I was very disappointed when I received the jacket. You said it was in excellent condition, but that is not true the jacket is missing a button on the left pocket, and the fur on the inside of the jacket has a big tear in it.. I would have never bought it had I know this..
    $30.00 was way to much for a very used jacket..


    First of all, the jacket didn't even have buttons. It closed with hooks. I inspected the fur and didn't notice any tears. If there were, I would have taken pictures of that and mentioned it in the listing. I'm not into hiding things from buyers. I value my feedback. I have sold many clothing items and had customers write in my feedback that they were of good quality.

    I thought about giving her a partial refund. But I feel like I lost so much already by giving it to her for $20!

    I thought about telling her to ship it back to me and giving her a full refund. I don't really want to do this because what if she damaged the jacket because of buyers remorse?

    I need advice...
  2. JeeZ, what does she want to pay for a $200 jacket, 20 cents? Clearly this is not a reasonable person. First of all, you stated good condition, not excellent condition. I would offer a full refund if she returns the jacket untouched, as she received, just as PayFoe requires, AND if she agrees to mutually withdraw the transaction so that you can get your fees back.
  3. I just re read her email. I don't think I lifted those little flaps up on the front pockets. So I guess there could be a missing button under there.

    I think I will just take the jacket back. Looking at the pics now, I think its really cute and will probably wear it again once I'm not fat.

    How can I make sure that paypal doesn't refund her until I actually get the jacket back and make sure its in the same condition?
  4. You can't make sure of anything. First, she would have to open a PayFoe dispute and give you an opportunity to respond. And PayFoe would not refund her until the item status showed as "delivered." She has not opened a dispute, so you're getting ahead of yourself. See how she responds to your note. If she sends the item back, open it as soon as you get it. In any case, once you have the item back, if she filed a claim, PF would refund her. Proving that the item is not in the same condition is extremely difficult unless it arrives significantly different than when it was sent.
  5. cute jacket, go for the full refund and mutual withdrawal. nothing's getting bid up on feebay, so start your listing price higher i guess!
  6. Id offer her a refund for the item so long as you receive it back in the condition you sent it and once you get it back and check it, if it is in the condition you sent it and you cant find the flaws refund her minus shipping fees. If there was an error on your part that doesnt look like she caused it then refund the whole $30.

    I had a buyer once that wanted a refund or partial refund on a set of phones I sold. One was not working but I hadnt known if it could be fixed. It was a $200 cordless phone set he got for $20 and I explained totally what the problem was with the second phone but that one worked perfectly. He emailed me once he got them wanting a partial refund for the broken phone :rolleyes:. He got the set for $20 + $10 postage like your auction and I copied and pasted to him the sections of the auction where I explained the damage. I then offered him a refund of the cost price for the phones excluding postage costs both ways and he realised it wasnt worth it for the price he got the phones for and the fact he hadnt a leg to stand on given I described it correctly.
    I dont think you should be out of pocket the postage if it ends up being a change of mind purchase and there really isnt the flaws shes says there are.
  7. Sounds like a clear cut case of buyer's remorse. Follow the above advice and do the refund once you have received the jacket back and it is in the exact condition you sent it in. I would refund in full, meaning shipping both ways and move on. You should try Bonanzle if you still want to sell it later on. Good luck :smile:
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I offered her a refund. Lets see what she says. I sure didn't notice any tears in the fur and I sure hope she doesn't tear it!
  9. Everything that I list on ebay also gets listed on bonanzle. I have yet to sell anything on bonanzle though. Are you have success over there?
  10. Buyer left me a neg today. I offered a refund and never heard from her again.

    How do I respond in my feedback?
  11. Respond exactly what you typed...that you offered her a refund and she never contacted you to remedy the situation. Sorry this happened to you.
  12. the buyer is obviously not a very nice person. to leave a negative feedback without even giving you the opportunity to make it right is a lousy thing to do. sorry this happened to you.
  13. Definitely respond to her neg! The jacket looks impeccable in the photos. I'm so sorry she did this to you! Explain in your response "Item was in excellent condition with no tears. Offered buyer full refund. No response, only negative feedback."
  14. ughhh i think since the whole eBay feedback switch over...more buyers leave negative feedback to mess up the perfect 100%. I think that shouldn't be allow. The jacket looks great. I would state what everyone else is stating.

    This is sooo sad and ridiculous!!!
  15. See, this is what happened to me but with a neutral instead. She emailed me with her problem (very rudely, might I add, and there was no problem when I sent the thing out) on the cheap item she bought and then gave me a neutral even though I contacted her minutes after I got her email and offered her a return!
    You can always request a feedback revision but if she's anything like my buyer, she'll just ignore it. It wouldn't hurt to try though.