First trip to Bicester......

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  1. Well I made my first ever trip to Bicester on Saturday and I decided to get an Oak Phoebe. I didn't get any purses or keyrings though - and they didn't have the wallet my hubby was after.

    I have been after a Phoebe for ages and the Lemon Roxy I tried to was really ME. I think I would prefer a Roxy in Chocolate or Oak.

    I was quite impressed with the Mulberry shop (well Bicester on the whole really) but then I have never been before and it was actually my first step inside a Mulberry shop so lets just say I would be easily impressed.

    The staff were very helpful and patient even when I kept going from one purse cabinet to another and they had to lock one and open another and then back again!

    I suppose they didn't have that many bags really. Well they did but they seemed to have quite a lot of the same bag - they had about 12 Oak Phoebes.

    I don't know the names of a lot of the bags yet so I couldn't tell you what they had except that they didn't have any colour except 1 Lemon Roxy, some White'ish' tasselled Roxys, Phoebes and Blenhiems, a Salmon pink Phoeobe and a Gold Snakeskin Mabel.

    Everything else they had seemed to be Oak.

    They had a lot of purses I just didn't really like any of them - I'm very particular.

    They had a big stud ball keychain but nothing else really - I was after one of the cats!

    The other thing is that they have run out of dustbags so I have to contact Mulberry and get them to send one to me but I'll doubt I'll need it for a while anyway because I will be using my Phoebe.

    I have been able to add some bags to my wishlist though - I was tempted by an Oak Effie and a Chocolate Brooke. Also, having seen the Lemon Roxy and also seen a couple of ladies at Bicester with Oak Roxys I think I want an Oak or a Chocolate Roxy.

    We have already arranged with our friends that we are going back up again in early June so I'll start planning now!!!!!

    I won't be able to make the Meet on 10th May but now I've been to Bicester I can picture where you will all go!!!!!! Have fun.

    Will post photos later.
  2. Sounds like you had fun and I can`t wait for my visit, going to do a test run in a couple of weeks................................................can`t wait.

    Ali - Did they have any current season bags in stock ?
  3. ^ I have to say I didn't really see. It was all a bit of a jumble for me.

    I didn't see any but then as I said it was a bit of a jumble of brown! The Phoebe's were all lined up on the central table and the Roxy was on a shelf not far away so I headed straight for those and didn't really have a good look around.

    I didn't see any Jodie, Roxy Tote or Mabel except the Gold Snakeskin one.

    Sorry - I'm was not a very good covert spy for you all.

    They had quite a lot of Satchel/Messenger bags.
  4. They had some Tangerine Aralines too - 2 with the front pocket and 1 smaller one (probably called something other than Araline but I'm not sure!) - they were reduced to £137 and £105 respectively. They were in the 'bargain buckets' which separate the clothes section of the store from the bags.
  5. HI Ali, do you remember what type of purses they had? Did they have the Emmy? I am looking for a nice purse in Oak.
  6. Yay, so glad you had a good time Ali - and congrats on the Phoebe! Oak is a beautiful colour and a must for any Mulberry fan - great choice. Next time you know what to expect from Bicester, so you can plan ahead. Enjoy your new bag and please post pics!!!
  7. I think it's very, very unusual for Bicester to have current season bags in stock. Certainly when I've phoned and enquired, my query has been met with a laugh :rolleyes:

    On the occasions I've been, they've had, like, one scratched up Mabel. It's really best to not get your hopes up too much - that way you might be pleasantly surprised. They never have the stock that Shepton have, going by sarajane's recent list :nogood:

    I'm going at the end of this week and I'm not hugely optimistic about finding anything (which is good as I'm not really in the market for a new bag :tdown:)
  8. From what I've read about Sarajane's trips to Shepton Mallet, and everyone's trips to Bicester...Shepton Mallet seems to be the place to have your meet, in terms of really buying bags. But I suppose if you call Bicester or tell Mulberry London you're going, and what bags you want...maybe they'll make an effort to ship them there for you. Bicester is nice in that all the other shops are there. Not many cafes though. I'm so glad I was there and that I can know exactly where you Mulberry gals will be.
  9. Congratulations on the phoebe, its a great bag!
  10. I think they did have some Emmy purses - they had some really lovely ones, loads of Oak.

    If I wasn't sooooo fussy about my purses I would definately have bought one.
  11. oooh- glad you got your oak Phoebe- lovely bag!! i may be tempted by one in May!
  12. Congratulations on your Phoebe!!!
  13. Hurrah, you got your Phoebe! Congratulations. Don't forget those modelling pics now!
  14. Congrats to oak Phoebe!!! Oak Effie, oak Roxy and choco Roxy are really nice bags too...:whistle: You have a great taste in bags!:P
  15. Congrats on the oak Phoebe! Must admit ! v. v. v. jealous. Have never been to bicester (LOL - aberdeen just not that near!). Would love a trip down there *sigh*