First trip to Bicester.

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  1. Hi everybody. I am new to the boards.

    I had my first visit to Bicester yesterday and came away with a Lavender Rosemary.
    I have only started collecting since January.
    My first Mulberry was a coffee Carnaby (lovely and soft and stands up well to the weather) and I got my black Anthony a few weeks ago. My husband has now made me promise no more bags until christmas, although I made the same promise after I bought the Anthony!

    Nice to meet you all. I love looking at all your lovely bags!
  2. welcome to the forum and congrats on your new bag remember to post pics of your collection
  3. Is there any Bayswater in light color available lately?
  4. Vicky there was a lemon one for £247 at Shepton an week or so ago
  5. Bicester had some white patent bayswaters.
  6. Welcome Sisbell! :smile:
  7. Welcome to our lovely (and mad!) family.

    We love to see photos on here so a photo of your lovely new purchase would be great.

  8. OH GOD! I have to go there soon.
  9. Hello ..sorry if it is a stupid question "What is Shepton?" :rolleyes:
  10. hi there, i'm not sure if anyone has replied to the shepton question!! shepton mallett is a town which houses the BIGGEST mulberry outlet store. a must for all mulberry fans......:drool::drool::drool::drool:
  11. Hello and welcome sisbell!

    Congratulations on the rosemary- it is a great bag and a great colour.