First TPF Reveal - my PCE surprise

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  1. Stopped at Coach after work to get an up close and personal look at the teal Maggie and a couple other items. Right before I was getting ready to check out, I happened to mention how disappointed I was that there were no new matching Madison wallets to go with the new Madison Sophia colors. She said just a moment, I'll be right back. About five minutes later she came out with this beauty :yahoo:

    So........since I have not seen this posted or mentioned so far in the forum, I thought I'd do my first reveal.
  2. Let's see!! :couch:
  3. I wanna see
  4. Yay! Let's see.
  5. Oh, lets see!!
  6. I'm here!!!! I would love to see
  7. Here it is!!

    Attached Files:

  8. My FAV color - I love it
  9. So pretty!!!
  10. I LOVE wallets like this and it's my favorite color!
  11. Gorgeous. Congratulations. Love it.
  12. My fave too and it will look beautiful with my purple Sophia. It's funny I stumbled across this last night on the China site but put it out of my mind because I thought it would be a while before we got them in the U.S. if at all. I was so excited, I nearly snatched it out of the SA's hand.
  13. Really nice, it's a perfect purple set :balloon:
  14. So pretty.
  15. YAY!! That Purple is TDF!! Congratulations!!