First TPF Reveal and Chanel Bag!


❤️ Lambskin Lover ❤️
Apr 13, 2012
Presenting my very first Chanel bag and new year's gift to myself - Black Lambskin Jumbo Classic Flap with GHW, purchased at the Chanel boutique on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Thanks for letting me share! :smile:
Ooooooooooooooh so lovely! Congratulations on your first Chanel; you chose a lovely first buy. I hope you are doing the happy Chanel dance; lambskin is soooo soft and wonderful. It's such a great choice for your first bag!!!


Lover of Bling
Jan 15, 2013
Luxe Land
Absolutely stunning! Can I ask why you went with the lambskin? I am sure because it looks better but are you going to use it as an everyday bag? I'm wondering if I should get lambskin vs. the caviar since it looks so much better!