First Tokidoki! help me pick!

Dec 3, 2006
actually. i really like the foresta...even though a lot of you think its too busy, i think its adorable... :biggrin: AHH! I'M HAVING SUCH A HARD TIME DECIDING! -_-
Sep 12, 2006
Sacramento, CA
I have the Stellina in Foresta. I like the bag a lot, I love the pockets on the outside, I stick my cellphone in there for easy access, the inside has a lot of room too. I just received my Gioco in Inferno. This is a real big bag, recommended if you need a lot of room. I already have a hard time trying to find stuff to fill up my Bella and Stellina, I am going to have a real hard time trying to fill up my Gioco. I personally tried to get the Mammia Mia in inferno but I couldn't locate one in the Macy's I called. I was thinking of getting the Mammia Mia in the Paradiso print. :yes:

So for me the Stellina is great, but I currently want the Mammia Mia. If I were in your shoes I would be just as confused as you! haha sorry :confused1:

Oh yeah, between the Foresta and the Paradiso, I think I would go with Foresta. I think I like it better because I am more in to the animals and cartoon characters. The paradiso is cute and I would get that one too, but it has more non-weird character things on it haha.


Dec 1, 2006
neon - the stellina is like a small messenger bag... the campeggio is definitely a 'real' messenger bag IMO.

also - I also love the foresta, bc of the monkeys in particular, I love monkeys. The color is not as versatile though, for my wardrobe, bc of al lthe green.

I would highly recommend going to a Macy's or Urban in person to see the bags, and get an idea, it is much better that way. then you can always order online if they don't have the exact one you want. I am also crazy and I like to see what cut the fabric is, so I get the characters I want on it. (This doesn't matter as much for the bigger bags though.)


Loves LV
Jul 8, 2006
New York
I have the stellina in the citta rosa print and it can be worn either over the shoulder or as a messenger bag because the length of the strap is easily adjustable.

Nyckei- I'm 27 too and wondered the same thing that you did about the bag- but it truly does go with everything. For me, it was one of those "I have to have it" moments when I saw it in Macy's.


Nov 5, 2006
At the Beach!!
Every toki is adorable so you can't go wrong with the print that you pick although I do like Citta and Inferno better than Foresta and all the styles are pretty cool. I'm sure you'll love whatever it is that you buy...watchout's ADDICTING!!!!

Laria I'm so jealous of you loving your Zucca. I love the way it looks on everyone else and in the pics but it didn't work for me. I'm now the proud owner of 3 giocos, 2 ciao ciaos, 3 bella bellas, 1 angioletto, 1 caramella, 1 denaro....and I STILL want more!!!