First Tokidoki! help me pick!

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  1. hey, i'm thinking about getting my first tokidoki and wondering which style to get. maybe the Ciao Ciao, Zucca, or Gioco... do any of you guys have a ciao ciao? i'm wondering what that would look like on me...oh. and i have to choose between the foresta and the citta.
  2. sorry. didn't put up pics:


    Gioco in Foresta


    Zucca in Citta


    Ciao Ciao in Citta Rose
  3. Hey!

    Just last night, i purchased the Citta... the Foresta was just too too busy for me, while the citta is much more low-key, yet still eye catching. I also got mine in a Mamma Mia style, just because not only could i fit it on my shoulder, but looks are deceiving... that thing fits TONS of stuff in it.

    I read through the other Tokidoki thread and it seemed that some shapes were hailed while others (Namely Zucca and Gioco), not so much due to functionality. My vote? Ciao Ciao, Campeggio or Buon Viaggio.

    Good Luck!

  4. ooh! i might end up buying more than one...heh...i really love the mamma mia paradiso print! ahhh! inferno is cute too! i'm gonna end up posting all the tokidoki's...


  5. Welcome to the club :smile:I have the campeggio in Citta rose. Every bag has it's pros and cons. What are you looking for in a bag? I will warn you. Tokidoki can get addictive. I just justified getting a stellina for my 8 year old becuase I was dying to hvae something in inferno.

    I love foresta but find it to be pretty busy and would prefer to have something smaller in it but the cosmectic cases are sold out around here in foresta. I am hoping to hit the outlet just after Christmas, I can't justify having too many large bags in similar prints. Plus I only like the campeggio. It's a great everyday bag (esp. for me). Please let us know what you get.

  6. I love em all! (I'm no help).
  7. Ditto welcome to the Tokidoki club! Honestly, you can't go wrong whatever print you choose, they are all adorable and fabulous. I am planning on getting a Mamma Mia in the next set of prints that comes out because I am a fan of the mesh pockets on the sides. I have a stellina, which is the smaller version of the campeggio and I really like it, again, because of all the pockets it has.

    Please let us know what you end up choosing so we can ooh and ahh over it!
  8. just wondering, how big are the mamma mia's?
    and are the stellina's like messenger bags?
    i think i'm getting the inferno or paradiso print. =D
  9. 8.75 x 12.5 x 5.5 in per the website.

    But I am telling you... you will have room on top of room. I took everything out of the Michael Kors hobo I was carrying and dropped it into the Mamma Mia... and I still have room to spare! Not to mention the pockets on the inside are deep. I actually have a cell pocket that my Treo can fit in... and the Treo is no small phone. The zip pocket... nothing like it. Deep enough to put stuff in but you won't spend lots of time digging for it.

    And my last troubadorian shout for the Mamma Mia - light as a feather.

  10. I love the Gioco but the zip is really a pain... I still love it the best though! It'd be good if you could get that in Citta Rosa - absolutely gorgeous!

    I also agree with the others on Mamma Mia... It's a great bag! It's really roomy; you won't believe until you see how much stuff it can hold!
  11. I love the Zucca print. The little helicopter thing is so cute!
  12. The Citta print is nice. I especially love the details. The bilboard that has the italian food on it and the cabs and the little ambulance... it's a nice bag. Really, at first I wondered if it was too young for me, quickly approaching 27, but I put it on with black stiletto boots and a long white, fitted buttondown... classic.

    And it goes just as well with sweats and a tank top...

  13. They are both nice prints, are you going to pick them in person or are you ordering? If you are picking in person you may want to try them on.

    I did see the other thread that I believe TokiliciousJenY said about the Zucca falling off but I have had no problems with it. Personally I like the shape of the Zucca so if I have to choose a style that would be the one I would pick.
  14. personally I don't like the straps on the zucca either, and although a couple folks on the other thread liked the ciao ciao, I find it's too thin.... I guess I like fat purses. but that is just my opinion.

    I like the Mamma mia style, I just saw one this weekend at the signing and it is a very nice shape and size, but I might have to save that for another print!!

    I have a campeggio, bambione, and dolce, I wanted a stellina but they didn't have it in inferno like I wanted, so I got the campeggio instead.

    I think it all depends what size you like, all the styles and prints are pretty cute!
  15. i want to get it in person, but the only place that they sell tokidoki's in houston is urban outfitters and macys and none of them have the mamma mia style. macy's does have the buon viaggio (the bigger version of the mamma mia.) and none of them carry stellina least online. i'll have to actually go to the store in person to see if they have any of the styles i want...which i can't do until winter break...(i'm 15...finals and stuff) so yeah... i've decided on the stellina or the mamma mia in paradiso or inferno. is the stellina like a messanger bag? it looks like one...i guess its too small to be a messanger bag...? i'm most likely getting a mamma mia though. =D




    (i'm having a really hard time choosing which print to get.)