First Tiny Mulberry Reveal!

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  1. After stalking for ages (and getting sidetracked by nail polish) I finally have a tiny Mulberry reveal! I saw these in the reference section earlier this year when they were in outlets, but living in the US was out of luck. Imagine my surprise when I saw them on the site! Simply HAD to have one!


    Big bag for something like this!
  2. Inside the bag was a small box..

  3. It contained..


    A BUS! That box is obviously bigger on the inside.
  4. ahhhhhh! That is so cool! I really want to pick up something like this when I go to London!!!
  5. Lovely - such a cute keyring.
  6. That's exactly why I got it, I was there in 2007 but it's a lovely reminder of my trip!
  7. Oh I adore this one, the bus and the mailbox is my favorites! Congratulations! :biggrin:
  8. Well what can i say we are keyring twins as i have the same and its one my fav's along with the mailbox which i could have had but missed out two days ago on ebay its really lovely well done on a fab purchase. Ive jsut put mine on my printed Alexa ready for 2morrow for a possible trip to Bicester village with my brother if he wakes up early.:giggles:
    Also i love your location 'With the doctor in the tardis' im a big fan of Dr Who. ;)
  9. So so cute!! :smile:
  10. I love the phonebox too!

    Oooh Jellis! I have a friend that lives about 2 hours from York (by train) that I went to see a few years ago.. Think it's about time to visit her again! :graucho: She lives just north of Redcar, are there any closer? Seems most of them are more in the south. Just got a Mitzy Messenger off ebay so it'll be on there whenever it arrives, but right now it's hanging on my RM Nikki!

    Haha thanks! I'm such a geek and Doctor Who is probably my favorite show ever. I want to get the phonebox as well.

    Thank you! It's so adorable!
  11. Love these keyrings....congratulations! :biggrin:
  12. These keyrings are so lovely,congratulation.
    I'd like to have the mailbox...maybe some day.
  13. Lovely keyring and will look fab as a bag charm :smile:
  14. Love this, it's so cute!
  15. Thats super cute