first timerrrr on ebay!

  1. HELP ME PLEASE! Its gonna be my first time bidding on Ebay, and I really need help! I dont even know what to do!! The thing I was gonna bid on didnt have any current bidders, and now theres two! it closes in a couple hours, and I need tips on how to win! My friend said theres like a highest bid you place, and then it goes up in increments?! I dont know!!!! HELP ME! Tell me step by step how it goes PLEAAAAAAAAAASE I really want it, and want it nowwwwww ;[

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! and thank you come again =]
  2. Oh yeah, my friend also said I shouldnt try fighting bidding against them, and that i should wait untill the VERRRRY end to place my final bid, is this true?
  3. yes it is true. At least in my case :P My strategy is that I wait until the last 7-5 seconds to bid and I enter the crazy highest amount I'm willing to pay, they usually don't have time to beat your maximum because they run out of time. :devil: they only negative it that you can end up paying a little bit more of what you have expected but it works in all cases when you really want an item. good Luck!
  4. Yes, don't bid now. Wait until the last minute. Then go for it. Make sure that you check out if they allow 1st timers to bid though.
  5. Oh my, theres some people that dont allow first timers?!!!!!!

    Whats this stuff about increments?! Like if its at 94 I place a bid at 100 the price on the page goes up to 96 or something? Which do I end up paying 100 or the 96?
  6. You pay 96. Put in the highest amount you're willing to pay at the last minute of the auction.
  7. I would recommend a little reading first-go to ebay home, Help, "B", and read all the bidding segments-read the auction carefully-check methods of payment, # feedbacks, where they ship to-check seller's feedback, what they sold, their %...if you are bidding on something that could be fake, get some advice-you can only bid in the last few seconds if you have hi-speed, and you should see if there is anything like what you want to bid on in completed listings...knowledge is power! good luck! PS If they only take PayPal you need to sign up for that too.
  8. Good luck!

    Spend some time researching what a reasonable top bid might be for your item by checking the closed listings of the item. What is the retail price, don't bid higher than that unless it is discontinued and always goes for more than the original price.

    I love to obsess and check out whether the bidder against me is likely to snipe by checking the bidding history on items he/she has bid on. Do advanced search, bidder, include closed auctions and items not won.

    You have researched the seller, right? Check the current and closed listings to make sure seller is honest. Check the feedback. Plug the name into to get the low down dirty stuff. If any negs/neuts are far in the past, and by new buyers that don't buy more expensive stuff negs can be partly buyer's remorse but it is good to know.

    Oh, I know you really want this widget but bet there are more out there.
  9. Before bidding on anything, read all the seller's info on the listing page. Some will say they require a certain #feedback (purchases) before they will accept your bid. Most don't require that, however.

    If you don't want to wait till the last few seconds (when you have a better chance of getting an item) bid the highest amount you would be willing to pay for the item, and eBay will automatically increase you bid in the increment necessary to outbid others. You can raise your maximum bid if you want to. For example, your maximum bid for something is $20.00. Bidding starts at $5.00. Others bid and your bid is raised the minimum it takes to outbid them. Maybe the highest someone else is willing to go is $10.00, but eBay will enter a bid of $10.50 on your behalf, and you win the item for less than your maximum. Sometimes bidding goes higher than your maximum and then you have to decide if you want to let the item go to someone else or raise your max. bid amount.

    I think most people bid at the very end of the auctions. I will see no bidding on something I have on "watch" and at the last minute, it sells.
  10. Read all the seller's info on the listing page. It will tell you if they require a certain # feedback (purchases) before bidding. sometimes you just need to contact them before bidding and they will give you the ok. Most sellers don't require that however.

    Increments: If you don't want to wait till the last few seconds to bid, this is how it works. When you bid, decide what your maximum bid will be-the highest amt. you are willing to pay for the item--and enter that amt. Say the bidding starts at $5.00 and the most you are willing to pay is $20.00. As people bid, eBay will raise your bid in increments (just the req. amt.enough to outbid the other person) to make you the high bidder. someone else bids $5.50, eBay enters a bid from you at $6.00 to make you the current high bidder. Near the end of the auction the other bidder stops at $11.50, ebay again bids $12.00 on your behalf and you pay $12.00, not the $20.00 max you were willing to pay. The bidding may go over your maximum--then you decide if you want to let it go or keep bidding. But you don't pay your max. bid unless that's the price it takes to win the item.

    I hope that's not too confusing. If it is, ask another question. I didn't understand it either, when I first started bidding on eBay. Good luck!
  11. sorry about the repeat post--thought the first one was lost. Can the moderator remove the first one? (#9) Thanks.
  12. How did it go? Did you bid? Did you get it???????
  13. Omg, thanks a million, I finally get how it works!!!! The bidding will end at 5, and I will hopefully put in my highest amount by then. THANKS A TON!
  14. I have another question, if I place a bid at the LAST LAST LAST second, and ebay accepts it, does the seller have the right to say "no you cant buy it!"?
  15. I didnt even get to bid!!!! The stupid seller didnt want me to bid! The messed up thing was my mom bid on her own id, and she blocked my mom!!

    i dislike her.