first timer

  1. I am going to new york in a few weeks and will be buying my first chanel. i just love the timelessness of the pieces. Don't know too much about the lines - which is a good bag to start with. Is there any maintenance with these bags? Any recommendations will be appreciated.
  2. I recommend anything in caviar leather. That's the easiest leather to maintain. Most people go with a flap bag, but if you like shoulder bags, I recommend the Grand Shopping Tote. There are pictures of both in the reference library. Have you checked that out?
  3. Also there are lots of threads that are very helpful to Chanel neophytes (like myself LOL) and the reference library is great!
  4. I agree- the caviar will hold up much better. If you want a classic peice, a flap or grand shopping tote are great; if you prefer contemporary, I'd recommend the new Lux line or the gorg Coco Cabas.
  5. Classic Flap in Caviar is always a great first piece. The Grand Shopping Tote is phenomenal too although you have to love big bags. :smile: