First timer to the Balenciaga world!

  1. I've been looking at beautiful Bbags on tpf and I am interested in buying one of these gorgeous babies. I have purchased LV in the past and I want to expand my horizon. Now my question to you fellow tpf members, what are some of the prices of the Bbags? I have $1300 to spend and I hope this will be enough to satisfy my craving.
  2. and Dont forget to post piccies once you purchase your future B Bag :nuts:
  3. Yes, I will. I'm hoping to get it tomorrow at Neimans.
  4. and welcome to the Balenciaga World! a world full of madness (in a good way of course!)... dont forget to post pics!
  5. Welcome!

    What did you get? :nuts:
  6. Good luck! And let us know.
  7. Why is the Part Time, RH missing a price on that list? I was going to recommend that style since it is right about at $1300 (and of course is my favorite). The actual retail price for a Part Time, RH is $1,295.
  8. I am sooooo excited!!! It is finally in my possession. Here is the beauty that I purchased.:tup::tup:
  9. OMG!!!!!!!:nuts: It gorgeous!!!:love::love::love: Welcome to the addiction!!!! Are you loving it??????? What bags did you choose from?
  10. Lovely! I really love the Brief style... and in Ocean! A fabulous first Bbag. Congratulations!
  11. Beautiful choice! Welcome to the bbaggers club.
  12. Congrats! She is TDF!

  13. yay congrats!!! Your bag is fabulous!!! good choice!!!