First timer....First -v- City...Opinions pls!

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  1. Hi there

    I am considering investing in either the First or City in black and have just been on the Bal website to see the difference. The only difference I can see is that the First is smaller in size. Yes?

    Does anyone have both and can offer opinions on what is best for someone who doesn't like to carry too much around, but still wants something roomy enough for essentials like iphone, diary, lipglosses, sunglasses, small umbrella, chequebook, facepowder...oh and purse!
  2. If those are what you need room for, I'd suggest you go for a City. Even though a First can hold quite a lot, I doubt it could carry all these things.
    And you won't regret getting a black City ;)

  3. You'll never fit all of that in to a First! I have only one First, and it's very pretty and easy to wear, but I can only take it out for dinner, light errands, etc. It comfortably fits my wallet, one phone and two coin purses. I can not fit my sunglasses case in the First.

    First is a great option for those days/evenings when you need to bring a few essentials, but want to avoid bulk.

    I love my Cities! They will fit everything you have listed above, and won't look overstuffed at all. You will probably need to carry it by the shoulder strap with all of the above items, but a more "empty" City can be easily carried over the shoulder by the handles as well (especially if you opt for one of the Giant hardware styles).

    Either style is a great choice, but it sounds like you will have more practical use out of a City. :smile:

    EDIT: Check out this thread- do a search for "First" and you will get a better idea of how much the First can fit, as well as how it looks on. You will also see a lot of Cities on this thread!!
  4. Hi Kel
    I agree, I saw them in the store, the first is very very small. For the things you want to put in your bag, the city is the right choice :smile:
  5. The First is too small to fit all that you carry. I could not fit my Sunglasses case either as the First is quite thin. Definitely go for the City.
  6. i think the City would be a better choice!
  7. go for the City :biggrin:
  8. Welcome to Balenciaga! Please do a search as there are lots of existing threads that you can read and post in. Good luck!
Thread Status:
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