First time...

  1. Hello everyone... I am so happy to have learned about this place. This place is like where all the LV fans go, eh?

    I am an avid lover of LV and currently my favorite LV is the Speedy 25, although I have many others. Currently, I took my batignolles horizantal to work! And my most recent purchase is an LV inclusion speedy charm. This charm fetish can become very, very dangerous.

    Just wanted to say Hi!!
  2. Welcome to the Purse Forum....and yes this place is not good on your wallet! ;)
  3. Welcome! Yep, here is where we have been hiding, lol!
  4. thanks :smile:
  5. welcome to the purse forum! and i have to say i just looooove ur avatar of the little bunny! too cute!
  6. welcome dear!!! Did you get a chance to check out our clubhouse? there's tons of great info too!
  7. Thanks!! How is the clubhouse different from this forum?
  8. Welcome little Bunny-- Have fun hopping around from forum to forum!!:flowers:
  9. HI Bunkie! Welcome to tPF!

    The LV Clubhouse actually consists of the various clubs for the different types of bags we own. You can join the clubs by posting pics of your items in the respective clubs.

    The main forum is for general discussion on LV.
  10. Great! What do you need to do to become a member of a club? I guess I'll find out!! Thanks.
  11. Welcome to tPF!
  12. You can share your pics with the clubs by posting them in the respective threads! Right now, since you have the Speedy, BH and Inclusion charm, you can join the Speedy Gonzales club, Batignolles club and also the Inclusion club!

    I've the Speedy, Pochette Accessoires and Pochette Cles so I'm in the Speedy Gonzales club, Pochette club and the Cles club!

    Looking forward to see your pics!
  13. Welcome, Bunkie!
  14. Welcome! Cute avatar! ;)
  15. Welcome!!