First time with LV in the rain...

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  1. Well, summer is over in the Seattle area...I went out last night to a nice, swanky dinner with the BF and a few other couples to celebrate a b-day. I wore all black and carried my black MC pochette for some pop to the outfit and got some very admiring looks. :yes:

    Sure enough, while waiting for the valet, it started pouring and I got caught in the rain before I could duck under cover. Water spots on vachetta -- argh :cursing: .

    BUT, it dried beautifully with no spots. I did use Shining Monkey on this so who knows it could have been just fine without spraying.

  2. Don't you just hate that? Glad to hear that your bag was fine. By the way how many coats and how many times do you treat the vachetta and where can you find shining monkey??? Thanks and please PM me! Have a nice day!
  3. I've been caught in the rain too many times to count with my LVs and the water always dries up and never leaves spots....and I've NEVER treat them.

    Glad your bag was alright!!
  4. ^^ good to know, Kimmy! I didn't treat my mono pochette for experimental purposes :smile:
  5. Glad to hear that all is well.
  6. Glad your purse turned out okay.
  7. Yeah, so glad it's all fine...especially in seattle...hard to avoid the rain ;)
  8. I've never treated any of my bags with Shining Monkey or Appleguard, and the patina always turned out just fine. My monogram pochette has been caught in the rain the most, and the patina is gorgeous and perfect. I think we all worry too much :P
  9. hehe....ya two days ago i got stuck in the rain......had to wait for 1/2 hr but the dagnabit rain kept pouring and I had to cover my bag with my body to get back to school! haha....oh well.... usually I carry an umbrella or a large plastic bag with me, but it's only my BH, so no's used to getting smashed around:biggrin:
  10. Glad it's fine! :yes: